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the past four or five times i've been over to kurt and laura's has involved me watching them play a lot of ffxi, and i have to say that the more i watch it, the less appealing it is to me.

granted, it might be different if i was actually *playing* the game as opposed to just being a spectator, but even so, i think i would get frustrated by the fact that the game doesn't seem to *go* anywhere. It's similar to the issues i started having with dot hack. there's only so much walk-around-and-kill-monsters-to-get-an-object-that-leads-you-to-the-next-quest-repeat-ad-infinitum that i can take before i say, "get to the end already."

the thing that makes ffxi more interesting is the whole online RPG community aspect which i suppose i could get into, but it would take a lot of energy out of me to establish those connections and then maintain them, energy that doesn't seem worth it to me since i've already established a strong sense of community with my DDR peers which i've discovered that i love and treasure above most other things these days.

mer wrote an entry about this recently, about how she feels more connected to and would rather hang out with her DDR friends than anybody else. i've been meaning to write my own entry about that in more detail, but it slipped my mind somewhat because of this or that. But it's true that lately when i think about people i want to hang out with, it's people like josh, mer, tyler, michele, jeff, etc. etc. like... i just want to hang out with them, DDR or not, because i feel the most like myself around them, and i feel the most accepted around them.

something like that anyway. wow. this entry meandered. i suck at multitasking. having three or four IM conversations at once while typing an LJ entry doesn't lend itself well to focus. maybe i'll go back and edit this later to make more sense.


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