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DDR is a good escape.

Tyler, Mer, and I played more DDR last night, and we all got good things accomplished.

Tyler finally AAAed Rain of Sorrow and got three or four more AAAs Ever snow, Sync oni... i think something else. Black-flagged Graduisic Cyber and Leading Cyber.

Mer got many more AAs playing double, she has three left before she'll be done with my challenge. I need to think up another one for her.

I AAed the last two non-ten footers i had yet to AA in the game, ATN Oni and Daikenkai Oni. Also improved a bunch of double records.

I also discovered that it's more uncomfortable for me to play 125-135bpm tunes on 3x, but it makes me PA better. i'm not sure how i feel about that.

I want to work on AAing Max 300 and Paranoia Survivor, but i also want to go the opposite extreme and play a bunch of easy songs that no one ever plays anymore in an effort to become more consistent. I'm very capable of getting AAAs on a bunch of tunes, but i'm just not a consistent enough player yet. It goes back to my drum corps days, where Boof always said, "why bother learning how to play back-stick flam drags at 200bpm when you can't play 16th note paradiddles at 120bpm with dead-on-balls accuracy.

on the other hand, i don't want to hone in on any one particular thing. Lately i've been approaching DDR from a Big Picture... it's true that i've been focusing on AAing all of the non-10s, but i've also been working on improving my double records, trying to get more SDGs, trying to get AAAs, etc. etc. i think it's a good thing for me to have little goals within a well-rounded everything approach, so i'll probably stick to that game plan, and hopefully things will fall into place.

i feel like i should be productive today, but i'm groggy and not that motivated. we'll see what happens.


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Jul. 9th, 2004 02:47 pm (UTC)
I've found it difficult to find one particular thing to focus on ddrwise...as much as i know i need to work on 10s..i do it for a bit, get bored, and then go to something else.....it probably helps to have a playing partner to drive you towards certain goals.....
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Jul. 10th, 2004 12:51 am (UTC)
I had an EXTREMELY productive day today

9 new AA's
-Spin the Disc
-So In Love
-Kind Lady
-Remember You
-Put Your Faith in me
-Don't Stop
-After the Game of Love
-Cutie Chaser MM

3x kicks ass :P

I have met my inner PA demon.....I say by the narrowed tourney, I'll have my first AAA

Anybody wanna make me a challenge? I'm not good enough for a NNR account so just post it here or in my LJ


I mean, congratulations. Really, I'm happy for you and everything. BUT THIS IS MENDEL'S LJ.

The end.
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Jul. 10th, 2004 11:29 am (UTC)
but why share your accomplishments and ask anyone else to give you a challenge in my journal? why not put that stuff in *your* journal?

The confusing bit is... maybe i could see why you'd put your accomplishments to share to me, but offering anyone else to give you a challenge as a comment in my journal is puzzling and somewhat annoying. That's more for your journal or for a Community journal. Turning my journal into a public forum that has nothing to do with me feels intrusive.

Pretend the situation is a more serious one, like the posts i've been making about kim. I write an entry about how I'm having a hard time, i need support and hugs, etc. The comment in that situation that would be the most analgous to the comment you made in mine would be something like "yeah, i need support and hugs too, so if anyone wants to give me a hug, comment here." it's feeding off of my readers to advertise yourself and it's invading what i consider my own personal space for your own purposes.
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