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i'm starting to feel motivation coming around and nudging me to take some steps forward.

It's been a long time since i've done anything with my darknote web site, and i feel like working on that. i have slightly better Photoshop chops now, i might put those to use, but it's also tempting to keep it plain like my old website did.

whatever i do, i want to reformat my ddr page somewhat, particularly when it comes to my step charts. Since i'm writing more and more charts, the format i have going right now is starting to bother me.

i also feel like i need to make some changes to my LJ profile, which has suddenly taken priority over doing that LJ friends list thing i was talking about earlier. It's really not that much effort for me to follow up on everyone on my friends list if i check in at least once a day, and i can sometimes even find the time to read a few journals that aren't on my friends list.

Willamette stuff is starting to come together in my head more too. I finished the new exercise packet. Need to PDF it and email it to Mark so he can work on it some. I also need to email the two guys who i want to hire to help out in the fall... i've been neglecting some of that business stuff. But the music is starting to take shape in my head, and i think that the beginning of next week or even this weekend i'll be able to start putting some stuff down on paper.

i only have five more AAs on double to get before i reach 200, which is one of my personal goals. Soon i'm going to have to shift my goals away from AAs to "under x greats". I'm definitely going to be working on that on single.

i'm not sure what i feel like doing right now. But what i should do is cook something and eat it. haven't eaten that much today.


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