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two random quickies:

the door to my bedroom squeaks a great deal. I want to apply some WD-40 to it or something, but i keep on forgetting when i go out to the store. The temporary solution i've come up with is opening my door with as much velocity and little accel or deaccel as possible. That would prove a trickier task for closing the door without slamming it and making more noise, so i haven't tried it.

One of my favorite SP episodes is called "Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", and a while back a couple of minor inconsistencies really bothered me. I forget if i ever wrote about them, but in case i didn't, here's the two gaping problems there are:

one: The foursome is looking to get a Sega Dreamcast with Cartman's Tooth Fairy money. If he gets even $2 per tooth (like the first one) for all of the "about 112" teeth that he's left under his pillow, that amounts to about $224. so, a) they still need $167 in order to by a Sega? Did Dreamcasts cost that much back then? and b) that's enough money to make it so that Mrs. Cartman can't go to the grocery store that month?

two: Cartman's first reaction to his mom revealing that she is the tooth fairy illicits the response "i suppose you're going to tell me that there's no santa claus, easter bunny, or jesus either." But Cartman should already know about the existence of Jesus because Jesus has already had interaction with the citizens of South Park in the episode, "Are you There God? It's me, Jesus", plus Jesus has a talk show that's pretty well known in South Park. If we count the first unaired episode, Cartman should also know about the existence of Santa Claus, although you might argue from the episode "A Very Crappy Christmas" that the unaired episode was just a made-up story written by Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman as opposed to something that actually happened in South Park.

that's it.


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Jul. 10th, 2004 08:08 pm (UTC)
LOL. I like the Jesus character on that show, he always saves the day. w0rd.
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