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So the little details i got from a second email from Larry Nelson states that a temp they have at WCU decided to move back to California, so his position is available.

Rob Maggio has more of the details, Larry wants to give him my contact info.

it's tempting to go out there and fill the spot, but there are a few issues with it.

a) obvious reasons dealing with me missing my friends here who have become so important to me. but it is true that i have friends on the east coast that i've been neglecting and haven't seen in years and years, and i miss those guys too. Plus it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to drive to ohio and finally meet Peggy and Angie and Grant.

b) Tyler and i are planning this HUGE DDR tourney, and the way it's looking right now we wouldn't be able to hold it until fall or maybe winter. if i'm out on the east coast, i can't be an active part of it, and with the scope of the tourney we're putting together, i would need to be there.

c) Willamette. I'm writing Willamette's show and i'm going to be teaching there, and it would kill both me and the kids if i wasn't there. There are a bunch of seniors that are counting on me to be there for their last year since i've been with them since the Beginning. Willamette is my family. i don't want to leave them.

d) Kim. As odd as it sounds, i'm not sure if i want to be in the same time zone as kim right now. I certianly don't want to be in the same time zone as Grant.

a) and d) i could get over. b) and c) are the big issues right now. i have the feeling that it's not going to work out, but i'm not going to cut the possibly off entirely yet.


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