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Salem, OR, and West Chester, PA

so the past couple of days i was up in Salem teaching middle school percussionists, and it was a lot of fun. There were three percussionists, Justin who had a good head on his shoulders, Dayln who had some clue but was inexperienced, and Daniel who *kind* of had a clue, but definitely had a lot of problems. The funny thing is that he thought he had a great clue, so he kept on telling me that he was doing it right and i was telling him the wrong things.

additionally there was Teagan who was a baritone player, but he's interested in percussion, and there was Allie who was a horn player, but she's switching to percussion because she's sick of the horn. Those two were awesome.

a lot of the kids were awesome. I remember a while back i was thinking about middle school kids and thinking that i don't know if i could handle teaching them, trying to reign in their mental focus and their playing focus, but these kids were great. No more rowdy than Willamette at times, and so enthused about learning.

Granted, every middle school and high school situation is going to be different, but i felt good about the stuff i did there, and the other staff liked what i did there too. I also made connections with the middle school band director who's looking for a trumpet/flute duo since he and his wife perform all of the time, so i might start up that project after all of this marching band stuff is out of the way.

-- I also had a phone interview this morning with Rob about the West Chester job. I think that went fairly well, but Rob told me candidly that one of the other candidates that he recently interviewed looks pretty high on his list because a) he's local, b) he already has his doctorate, and c) he is the only candidate so far that has teaching experience ouside of his own graduate school program.

I got the impression that reason c) was a strong pull, and it makes me think I should be being more aggressive about looking for teaching jobs, even temporary ones before i even get my doctorate if this is still the path that i want to pursue.

I kind of want to talk to Jenni Shaffer about this, but i'm not sure how to contact her.

anyway. A quick informative entry about this coming weekend is forthcoming.


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Jul. 22nd, 2004 02:42 pm (UTC)
YOU DIRTY!!!You were in SaLEM?!!?
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