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more exhausted than i thought.

the long DDR sessions i had this week combined with the teaching job i had in salem combined with the heat has made me rather lethargic. I haven't been too productive in the past couple of days, and i feel like i slept in the past 24 hrs than i have in a long time.

i had entertained some thoughts of going up to either portland to hang out at josh's thingy or to go up to vancouver to hang out with tyler, jeff, and stephen, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I might decide to drive up to vancouver tomorrow sometime if I get work done.

i'm starting to plan out the scheme the willamette show in my head in more concrete terms, and i discovered that there's one element that i'm missing from the big picture. After i find that missing element, the beginning of the show will fall into place nicely - the trick is to make the show flow well *after* all of the introductory material... allowing for proper development whilst still making the show about five minutes long. I might give myself five minutes and thirty seconds, but i want to stay on the conservative side, which means that the intro stuff should be no longer than one minute *including* the big impact, which is going to be tough.

The goal is to sketch out and maybe even orchestrate that intro and maybe some of the stuff leading to the Short Drum Break tonight. Then i need to figure out how i'm going to Big Impact before the slow middle section since that's not clear in my head, but hopefully that will compose itself out after i'm done writing the other stuff.


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