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i finally made some changes to my LJ profile, and it's funny how i made some tweaks here and there, but overall the information and structure hasn't changed too much from when i first made the profile two or so years ago. It still seems so... *me*. i don't think i would know how to start it from scratch.

It's odd how comforting that is. The knowledge that my profile exemplifies how my personality has had at least some sense of stability over the past couple of years makes it more meaningful to me than is obvious, and that makes it important even if i know that hardly anyone else will bother to read it.


i'm putting some serious contemplation into creating another NNR account for my scores with no bar.

My reasoning for this is contrary to the obvious conclusion. I don't view use of the bar as a crutch or a handicap, but as a different technique that has its pros and cons, not unlike playing with american grip vs. asian grip in ping pong.

The justification for trying this is based on the theory that if i start to focus on my PA skills without the bar, it will help me be more patient and not rush, as is my tendency, and it will make my skills more versatile.

The big con i see to putting serious work into developing this skill is that it could potentially interfere with the skills that i've taken such a long time to develop. When i play without the bar, i play *completely* differently, not only physically, but conceptually. If i was a much better and more mature player, i might be able to handle it, but a part of me feels that with my current skill level, i'd be doing the equivalent of deciding to devote needless energy in shooting pool left-handed when my right-handed pocket accuracy is only at 80%.


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Jul. 27th, 2004 03:06 am (UTC)
I only use the bar when there's a significant increase in PA skill for a particular section / song. CSFILSM for instance. I'll bar rape those runs of all one arrow and alternate feet. a la Aaron. I don't see the need for having a separate account for bar / no bar or S4R / normal mods. For songs I can do well enough without the bar, using the bar would hardly (if at all) help improve my scores. But that's just me. You do what you want to do :)
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