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Willamette's show

I have the first minute and a half of willamette's show sketched out on paper now.

Hopefully the first part of the show "works"... it's a complicated introduction that involves overlaying themes from Rite of Spring, Petroushka, Pictures at an Exhibition, and Russian Christmas Music on top of each other in not-quite-the-same-key that then culminates into a unified impact based on Shostokovich's 5th. It's hard to hear in my head properly exactly how it paces out and how the harmonies blend together while clashing together at the same time, but hopefully when it will become clearer when i actually Orchestrate it into full score form as opposed to just short score.

As i was writing the last part right before the first drum solo, I came up with this idea of how to make the show effectively evolve, though i'm not sure if i'll be able to pull it off in only five minutes. Basically, each section has their own theme - low brass has Russian Christmas Music, woodwinds have Petroushka, trumpets have Pictures. I think i want to try to clearly define those roles for the first third of the show and then have them switch during the ballad in some obvious musical and visual way - like... transfer the Russian Christmas Music from low brass to the alto saxes, transfer the Petroushka stuff from the flutes to the low brass, and make those transfers readable to the audience. And then at the end, make everything super chaotic, where roles are less straightforward, less defined.

i might have to change the title of the show to reflect that more. The initial title i have in mind right now is "imperfect memories on russian themes" but chaos or bipolar or something might have to go in there somewhere to help bring across the effect that i want.

assuming that people pay attention to show titles anyway, as they're usually announced during the on-field warmup.

anyway.... i'm driving up to vancouver in about a half hour to an hour. won't be back until tomorrow sometime, most likely evening.


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