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colors in tontie

I just played a game of tontie and discovered something new. At some point around level 15, i had six full hearts and about 480 coins, so when a shop popped up, i decided "what the hell" and bought a gold hammer.

big mistake.

The problem is that the gold hammer is... well... *gold*. I've never bought a gold hammer before. Having the animation of the gold hammer come on the screen was much more distracting than i would have thought, especially since the hammer is almost *exactly* the same color as the coins. It really threw off my rhythm, and though i made it past level 15, i died quickly on level 16 because i was disoriented.

It makes me glad that the silver hammer is silver as opposed to, say, blue. That would be *really* confusing.

i also discovered what i think is a bug in tontie. If you go into a shop, it seems to spits you out at about the same place that you left off in the level - so if i go have maybe ten seconds left in the level and i go into a shop, it spits me out with close to ten seconds left in the level.

If, however, you go into a shop which is the *last*thing* in that level (i.e. if you left the shop alone as the last thing on the screen it would level up), when it spits you out, it seems to start the whole level over again.

it's happened to me twice, and the second time proved to be valuable because it happened around level 12 where i didn't have enough money to buy my sixth heart, and going through that level again helped me buy the sxith heart around level 12 or 13 so i would never have to go into a shop again after that (which i hate doing).

i suppose the other big advantage is score, but i don't look at score ever, so that's not too useful for me.

anyway... it's been a few days since i've diddered, so i'm off to do that. whoo hoo!


Jul. 28th, 2004 10:35 am (UTC)
funny that you mention this, because exactly the same thing happened to me last night around level 12.

i let it run a couple of levels and left it on overnight because i want to see how far it goes, if there's actually an end to the game. are you playing it? what level did you get up to?


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