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it's like the matrix in real life.

there's this old advert for pepsi or coke or something that has this plot of "this is what's going on in this baseball batter's head during a pitch." The pitcher pitches the ball, and as soon as it gets released, time slows down to the batter, and there's a twenty second monologue of the batter's thoughts all throughout the pitch. Things like, "man, am i ever hungry. I wonder what i should eat after the game? i could sure go for a hot dog right now. Hey... is that Reggie trying to drink my pepsi?" and with that thought, he makes a last minute adjustment and hits the pepsi out of Reggie's hand or something.

The advert is an exaggeration, but it's true to a degree that when you reach a particular level, something that used to seem to go so fast now seems to go so slow, and you have all of the time in the world to react. And this is how i currently feel in two different contexts.

the first is playing fast songs in DDR. The most recent example of this is Paranoia Survivor. Recently I AAed it on both double and single, and i can remember the times i played it, it seemed like the song was going so... *slow*. I mean, i remember when songs like Daikenkai or Healing Vision Angelic Mix felt so fast to me, and those songs are about 100 bpm slower than Paranoia Survivor. Now when I play Paranoia Survivor, i don't panic with my body and my mind and think, "oh my god! it's going so fast!" I stay relaxed and focused and can concentrate on trying to get a good score on it.

and it freaks me out that i can do that now.

The second example is playing Tontie. I played it two times today and reached a new high level (18 for those that are curious), and it struck me after i got the kinks out just how slow it felt all the way up to level 15. I went into level 15 with 6 almost-full hearts and about 500 coins, and up to that point, the worst mistake i had made was hitting a bomb way back in level 10 and maybe accidentally hitting a blank square once or twice because of the number guys. And even when i went into level 15, it still felt fairly slow, enough that i could concentrate on picking up coins in addition to hitting enemies if i wanted to.

*shakes head* familairity can warp time and perception.


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