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somewhat frustrating.

yesterday i was obsessing about fourteen measures in the willamette show. i know what i want the effect to be, but i'm not quite sure what the actual music is going to be, although i'm closer.

when i was driving from the ATAM to pizza pete's i played about five or six different scenarios in my head and i didn't get much closer to figuring out what i wanted. The fact that i couldn't figure it out was frustrating and *needed* to get resolved, so i pulled out the music while at pizza pete's and tried to run through the scenarios more concretely with actual staff paper in front of me.

after pizza pete's i ran through more scenarios whilst driving home, and only then was i finally able to hear actual notes in my head that i think i'm happy with. What ended up helping was trying to picture the scenario in better context with what came before it, actually playing it out in my head in real time.

I get the feeling that i might have this issue with the end of the show too, but i'm not going to worry about that yet. Today i'm going to try to put in those measures and the entire ballad into the computer. Hopefully that will lay out to be four minutes.

man... it feels so good to be writing marching band music again. i wonder if i should write shows just for fun, and then try to find a publisher.


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