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one of two: boring DDR stats.

i played ddr for about seven hours today.

i had to pay for a little while because Ben was there, and i figured that he would raise a ruckus if i put the machine on free play. Money i didn't want to spend, but no big complaints. eventually tyler and michele showed up, and i was able to stop having to pay, which was good.

It was a mixed day... i'm starting to hit a plateau in terms of what it is i can achieve. I need to take the next step towards my PA skills if i'm going to make significant improvements to my scores.

The big achievement i had which was the last thing i did before i left was that i improved 150 DP on PSMO double. Sorry all... i still think it's much easier on double than single.

Current great count: 6,181. One new SDG (CSFIL, 2g until the very end where i got 5 dumb greats), and some okay score improvements. Still can't AA Break, Ska, or Burning Heat, but i'm working on them.

I want to play PSMO again tomorrow. There was one point where i had about a 160 combo going, but half of them were greats because i wasn't in a relaxed state of mind and was rushing like crazy. I'm pretty sure that i can shave off another 50 DP or more if i keep my head on straight when i play it.


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