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inspired by an email i just got.

this is a small tribute to an incredibly important person in my life who i have neglected. I wish i was less tired so i could say more, but this will have to do.

in a recent "survey" email i got and answered, one of the questions was "what do you think of soul mates?"

the instinctual answer i had was "Peggy is one of my soul mates" and i went on to describe just how wonderful she is.

funny thing is that the previous question was "which 6 people are you open with and trust the most?", and in *that* question, one of my answers was Erica.

we have this understanding, Erica and I. We neglect each other a great deal when it comes to seeing each other or even just any contact whatsoever partially because we're so..... *looks for the words*.... i dunno. *comfortable* with each other in certain unspoken ways that no one else can touch. Months can go by (and have gone by) where we don't interact with each other but yet the bond we have never and as far as i'm concerend will never ever break.

and when we're going through our daily separate lives - separate, yet so parallel - it can be easy to forget that, forget how similar we are, how much we mean to each other. and when i answered that question, i did forget.

i'm sorry, sweetness. we are indeed soul mates, and i love you with all my heart. a small part of me regrets that our shitty timing will always make us nothing more than just friends, but overall, i'm very content, and i know that no matter where we end up, we will always find each other.


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