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after about an hour or so of digging, i think i've come to the sad conclusion that binary clocks do not come in pocket watch format, and 24-hour dial clocks in pocket watch format are generally antiques and are too spendy on my budget.

one alternative is to get the wrist-watch version and just not wear it on my wrist... loop it around my belt buckle maybe. The other alternative is to buy the moving parts to a 24-hour dial which is apparently only $10 and find a way to put it in pocket format myself.


ever since december of last year, LJ has been pretty consistently a multi-daily thing for me. it's odd how it's become a part of my routine. not sure what to think of it.

it's an important part of my life, not just to record my life and my thoughts for myself, but also because it's not just a journal for me anymore with the 70 or so odd readers i have. it's strange for me to feel good about talking about my life to other people when normally i try to stay so much in the background, but i *do* feel good about writing in my journal, even stupid stuff, because i know that people care about me, even about the stupid stuff, and because of this particular kind of medium, if they don't care about one particular aspect of my life, they can skip over it.

that being said, i'm thinking of taking some subtle steps to balance my journal out more between what it's become and what i feel are its roots. periodically in this journal's history i've talked about how my journal was more of a Thought Journal as opposed to an Event Journal, and these days this has become less and less the case. I still pull out the Thought Entries every now and again, but if i take a look at entries lately, they roughly fall into four categories: a) my DDR progress, b) Tontie, c) Willamette, d) my ever-fluxating emotional state because of Kim.

The problem is that in order to achieve this balance, it's more likely that the prolifacy will increase as opposed to decrease - documenting my DDR progress, my Willamette progress, and my emotional healing are incredibly important to me, and reintroducing other-context Thought entries and the occasional Random entry without sacrificing that stuff could clutter up my friends pages even more than they already do.

maybe i'm making a bigger deal out of this than i should. it's not like anyone has complained, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't bother people... maybe you're all just too nice to tell me to shut the fuck up.

Then again, it's not really anyone else's place to tell me to shut the fuck up in *my* journal. But i still hate the idea of unwelcomingly cluttering up people's friends pages. We'll see what happens.


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Aug. 9th, 2004 12:29 pm (UTC)
The bottom line is that this IS your journal. Personally, I don't mind your entries. They provide an insight on your life that I get to know that would otherwise be inappropriate or insensitive to ask about in real life. But then again, reading your entries might be intruding itself...so I don't know. I'll just say I like it! =) We need to play some didder so you can pick the songs again soon.
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