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double statistics and a survey

great count: 5,753. improved by 428 DP in two recent sessions. The big thing i achieved was AAing the last non-10 footers. Break Down! wasn't too hard once i figured out how to contort my body for two of the hard runs. Ska a Go Go was a fluke, and as far as i'm concerned will always be a fluke. I got 29g, i'm happy. i never want to play it again.

The other thing i did was whore HVAM some and eventually got that score down to 25g.

76 SDGs on double, which now matches my SDGs on single. And now i'm only 800 greats behind Jason. About one month ago, i was at about... oh.... 8,200 greats? Funny that i still think i suck.

i was planning on getting my great count on double lower than single, and if i didn't play any single, ti would have happened. But i did end up playing a bunch of single when i was getting drained from playing so much double, so i improved on a bunch of my single scores. ah well.

the biggest thing i did was play The Legend of Max on single three times in a row and i improved each time. I still suck at it, but i did manage to convert it to an A, increasing my DP by about 150.. PSMO is now my only B.



Yet again, jenni has done a survey that i like, so i'm going to fill it out before taking a shower and starting my day for real.

5 words that describe you:

5 web sites you visit daily:
-www.asstr.org. not daily, but the only other website on a regular basis.

5 cds you couldn't live without:
-Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians
-Chris Clark - Chris Clark
-David Lang - The Passing Measures
-Plaid - Spokes
-Aphex Twin - 26 Mixes for Cash

5 favorite concerts:
-Plaid, Chris Clark, and Luke Vibert in Portland
-Steve Reich concert/talk in Portland a couple of years ago (Proverb, Different Trains, and 18 were played)
-That one concert by Swarthmore's Orchestra 2001 back in 1998
-New York Voices in PA back in 1995
-FMO Concert with my infrared door-sensing installation, Alex Kelly's electric cello piece, Brian's reggae/scratching piece, John's video piece... etc. One of the better FMO concerts i've ever been a part of.

5 favorite books at the moment:
-Orchestration by Samuel Adler
-The Viscount of Adrilankha by Steven Brust
-Issola by Steven Brust
-I still like and refer to "New Voices" every now and again, which is an American Composer interview book.
-Bondage: an anthology of passionate restraint

5 games you like to play:
-beatmania iidx, DDR, and other bemani
-texas hold 'em, rummy 500, and other assorted card games
-extinction chess, dark chess, anti-chess, 3-d chess, and most 2-people chess games
-volleyball, billiards, ping-pong

5 random facts about you:
-a female who purrs at me instantly turns me on.
-my left foot executes *way* better than my right foot when playing DDR.
-The longest session i've played any sort of home video game straight is about eight hours, which was iidx 6th. Close runner up is Final Fantasy VII.
-i'm afraid of heights and i'm vaguely claustrophobic.
-i have perfect pitch.

5 countries you would like to visit:
-the *United* States. United we are not.

5 artists/writers who've influenced you:
-Steven Brust
-Robert Maggio and Larry Nelson
-Steve Reich, John Adams, Michael Gordon, David Lang
-Mike Patton
-John Cage

5 words or phrases you always use:
-fair enough
-that's coo'
-i fail
-"what's up, sir?" is how i answer the phone to a bunch of people

5 favorite articles of clothing/accessories:
-beige sweater from Eddie Bauer
-black new balance sneakers
-my neckace of runes
-"dove" necklace from Michelle

5 favorite movies:
-The Station Agent
-The Dark Crystal
-Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker

5 things you are obsessed with at the moment:
-Wario Ware
-Mongolian Grill
-Texas Hold 'Em No Limit

5 celebrities you'd sleep with:
-Claudia Black
-ummmmm.... yeah, that might be it. i generally don't find celebrities that attractive.

5 hobbies of yours:
-video games
-computer programming

5 favorite foods:
-pan-seared anything
-grape itallian water ices

5 tv shows that matter:
-Connections by James Burke
-South Park
-Batman Beyond, and other creative works by Bruce Timm/Rich Fogel
-Iron Chef


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Aug. 11th, 2004 06:26 pm (UTC)
noob question
how do you put links into your journal? when I look at my friends page I only see two links. when I look at your actual entry, there are no links, but lots of text. ???

BTW, Break Down is one of my favorites, though I haven't played it in a while. without the bar, there are no real contortions, but it is quite a workout.

Tried PSMO today lol. never seen the stepchart before and got reamed about 20 seconds in. :P
Aug. 11th, 2004 08:56 pm (UTC)
Re: noob question
LJ Cut.

< lj-cut text="What you want the link to say" >


< /lj-cut >

Take out the spaces of course.
Aug. 12th, 2004 01:14 am (UTC)
Re: noob question
look in the FAQ for "lj-cut".

I think Break Down is kind of fun now that i understand what's going on. It's just damned difficult.

PSMO is one of those charts that you just need to have "click" in my opinion. study it, give it some time, you'll figure it out.
Aug. 12th, 2004 11:37 am (UTC)
If I played more doubles, I think I would have finished a few more challenges. I will try to play more and make that gap bigger again :-P
Aug. 12th, 2004 01:50 pm (UTC)
*laughs* you should. it seems like it's been forever since you've played any double... you should get back in the swing.
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