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what you're used to.

the other day i played iidx for the first time in a while, and it was odd.

i started out playing 14key since i've been trying to get better at that. I did finally pass the song "iidx" on 7th style, which was my last 4 star, but the star ratings on 14key are *super* inaccurate. i can more consistently pass "Let The Snow Paint Me" and "Indigio Vision" on 14key which are both 7 star tunes than i can pass "iidx" and i can't even pass "Cheer Train" which claims to be a 5 star on 14key. but i digress.

anyway, after a while, i decided to take a break from 14key and go back to playing 7key. I think it's the first time i've played 7key since the TOAST tourney.


after getting used to playing and reading 14key, going back to 7key is *really* hard.

everything seemed really cluttered, confined, and damned confusing. I was doing a lot of reacting without comprehension. It baffled me.

when i played 14key, i passed a couple new tunes, got a few new records. shaky on some stuff just because it's been a while, but mostly i would get somewhere close to my previous bests.

on 7key... most of my scores were anywhere from -70 to -250 from my previous best.

one of these days i'm planning on updating my web record sheet to include all of my 14key scores. i've played almost all of the light14, passed about half of them, maybe. played some of the 14key, passed a third. Went back and played 14key on 6th style, and boy, is it different. the style of charts are quite different.

yeah, that's it.

i think i'm going to attempt to get on Proteus. if it fails too many times on me, i'm giving up, but i miss talking to some people.


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