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i was doing some random configuring on my aim account, and it gave me an email asking me to "click on this link to complete the process"

first i tried it in iCab, and it didn't work. *shrug* no surprise. iCab can be fussy about that sort of thing, especially with the filter settings i have on there. A handful of web sites like to fold when they find a browser that only 0.0000000001% of the internet population uses.

so i copy/pasted the link into Safari. i got to the first screen, i put in my username and password like it told me to, and clicked on "submit".

and now it seems to be stuck on this infinite loop. It keeps on going back and forth between a long URL from my.screenname.aol.com (a login.psp page) and www.aim.com/_cqr/login/

it's been looping for about fifteen minutes now.

it's times like this when i *really* hate dial-up, especially using the UofO dial-up system which automatically kicks me off after two hours of being online. I want to keep this thing running and see how long it will go. I bet it would go forever.

i bet i know why it's doing this too. I have a security setting up on safari where i say, "only allow sites to access cookies from the server you navigated to". so aim.com is allowed to access cookies from aim.com, but it can't access cookies from my.screenname.aol.com.

So aim.com says, "help! i'm missing some important info!" my.screenname.aol.com sees this and says, "yeah, here's what you need," and sends it to aim.com. aim.com wakes up from being prodded by my.screenname and says, "oh! am i needed for something?" and tries to be useful, but since the cookie from my.screnname gets filtered out, aim.com says, "help! i'm missing some important info!"

*waits for a bit*

running on about thirty minutes now.

fun times.


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Aug. 17th, 2004 12:14 am (UTC)
my advice? just make a new SN for the night, and use it till you can get around the AIM bs.. cause AOL's a bitch,a s we all know, lol
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