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short and long, 4th style and west chester

i find it odd that not a lot of people seem to play 4th style 14key. on vjarmy, i'm ranked 2nd out of 7 for "Gobble" on light14, and i don't even have a AA on it. there are a bunch of tunes like that on 4th style where i'm ranked much higher than i should.

Contrast that with 5.1.1. where i have a AAA on light14, and i'm ranked 9th out of 18.


when i was at west chester, still discovering what my compositional voice was, i wrote a hell of a lot of music.

i just went back and looked through old sketches or exercises that i wrote for classes, and even today i still think the stuff i wrote was pretty good. not Great, but pretty good. Even the stuff that i just used for "exercises".

after i get done with the willamette stuff, i want to write something new totally from instinct. no theory, no story, no large-scale idea of what i want to do from beginning to end. just get a piece of staff paper and a pencil, sketch out some stuff, put it on the computer, hear it in my head, revise it, and call it done.

maybe i should finally learn max/msp. i started to figure it out, i just need to redo the first set of tutorials and then continue on from there.


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