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more of my past is creeping up on me

maybe it's just that time in my life when people who i haven't talked to in forever somehow find me or my lj Sure seems to be happening a lot lately. In rough backwards order:

Mandy David responded to one of my old lj posts. it *shocked* me pleasantly. I haven't had the energy to look through her website meticulously, but on brief scan she seems to be doing fairly well. Wonder if she'd be into a collaboration. I'd peruse her uJournal more, but unfortunately she uses one of those default lj styles that doesn't translate well on iCab. When i'm in more of a Netscape mood i'll take a look at it.

Two old West Chester goats emailed me a couple of weeks ago. Dave Britton emailed me in response to a recent survey I had sent. And Jeff Piscitello emailed me after one of his friends emailed me at complete random. I haven't emailed either of them real responses back yet, which i feel a bit guilty about, but i'll probably get to it soon. I'm not sure what I'll say. It's a lot easier for me to email strangers who know nothing about me than it is for me to email people who used to know me and don't know about me anymore. There are a few exceptions to that rule (mandy is one, raj is another... it wasn't odd to email either of them back relatively fast), but it almost makes me want to just email them both back and say, "here's my livejournal if you want to know what's going on with me," but that's kind of a cop-out to our friendship.

Then there's the brothers Malloy and Rajan who i've already talked about.

At the rate this is going, i wouldn't be surprised if someone else from my past emailed me out of the blue. Michelle, devon, jerry, sprout... wonder what they're all up to. Or hannah. it's about the right time for her to suddenly email me, but she didn't last year, nor did she respond to mine last year's january.

And i keep on getting this feeling, this nag somewhere in my head that this reestablishment of various people from my fuzzy past is meaningful. symbolic. trying to tell me something. i'm not sure what it is, but it feels odd, but okay. and maybe gives me some degree of direction, if i decide to take it.

At least until things calm down with school, i think i'm going to hang on to it, but ignore it until i can devote more energy to giving it the attention it deserves.


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Mar. 30th, 2003 10:02 pm (UTC)
How about this person from your past?
My journal... (http://www.ujournal.org/users/suerocks21)
My website that is mainly used to post pictures... (http://www.geocities.com/marimbagrrl/index.html)

Sounds like you're doing well...I'd like to hear more if you have time.

I am a completely different person from when you knew me.

Email me a survey!! I'll fill it out! I need something to do during work...

*Have a lovely day, and just be happy that people are thinking of you and make an effort to find your livejournal and post on it. You don't need to read a whole ton into it all...it's just one of those things!!* :]
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