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it involved me in real life in a video game stage whose textures reminded me of super mario brothers.

it had two stages to it. the first stage was to cut through a whole bunch of hedges whilst the Enemy Plant was in the process of growing.

the second part i forget exactly. it had to do with avoiding the enemy plant (which reminded me of a thorn bush) and maybe picking up some object, maybe. my memory on it is fuzzy.

anyway, i remember doing it, and then once the stage was cleared, i was still in it. like... i needed to physically exit the stage where i came in in order to exit.

there were still a lot of hedges, and for some reason for fun, i decided that as opposed to walking through the part that i had cut down, i would "swim" on top of the hedges that i hadn't cut yet and go back to the entrance. one part had a lot of spider webs on top of the hedges because it was an area that people would probably not cut for the stage since it was off to the side.

i had some sort of knowledge that i could exit the stage, come back and do it again, and earn more... something. money? i dunno. but it was one of those "repeating" stages that you could do over and over again. and as i was swimming, i was thinking, "it was too much effort to go through all of the hedges... i don't think i want to come back here."

and then i woke up.

i also forgot to mention that at some point last week (i think it was last week), for the first time in my twenty-nine plus years on this earth, i had a dream where i was female. i don't remember anything about the dream, but i clearly remember waking up and thinking to myself, "wow." i'm not sure why i didn't write it down when i woke up then, but i'm glad i remembered it now.

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Sep. 7th, 2004 11:13 pm (UTC)
i've had a series of most excellent dreams recently where i can fly. sometimes there's flapping involved, but most often it's just a matter of stepping up into the air and staying there.

the other night i was dreaming about flying around when i saw this beaten woman running away from her abusive husband. i grabbed her and tried to hide, at which point i reminded myself that i was dreaming and used my majikal cloaking ability to make us do the nifty Predatoresque-chameleon-thing and we vanished. unfortunately, we still cast a shadow, and he saw that and was very confused. but then i reminded him that i was dreaming and he fucked off.

my dream friends keep telling me that one day i'm going to be able to fly when i wake up....lying bastards...

ooh...but that wasn't why i posted this, i don't think. i was going to say that i have heaps of dreams where i'm a man, or i'm something indefinable between man and woman. from those experiences, i reckon i don't want a penis...
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