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pulse philosophies and practicalities

philosophically, Jeff Stolet has engraved into my head this idea about electronic music that has a steady pulse:

nature is not steady. People react not to constancy, but to change. If you have something going Exactly Metronomically Correct, it's not going to be the most effective. If you vary any pulse-like loop in your music even by a fraction of a bpm either through some sort of randomizer or by design, it will add that important element of organicism to what would otherwise be astagnant piece of music.

for the most part i agree with this philosophy, and i've used it in good practice with some of the electronic music i've written, and i have a great deal of respect for electronic artsits that decide to do this.

but it sure as hell makes it annoying to discover that someone has done this *after* you spend a couple of hours trying to edit down a tune for the purposes of a step chart. This five minute tune i was editing was mostly at 120 bpm, but there's one section in the middle where it turned into 120.75ish (give or take) and stayed there for a good forty-five seconds before going back to 120. And James (Aphex Twin) isn't unskilled. that had to be deliberate.

it's stuff like that that makes Aphex Twin so awesome. And fucking annoying. :p

Audacity *does* have the ability to easily do time stretching, so i could fit that 120.75 bpm into a 120 bpm space, but the one thing Audacity *doesn't* have is the ability to show time stretching (or tracks at all) as it relates to meter - it can only do it in terms of minutes and seconds.

so i have to decide whether or not i want to a) make the edit and then make slight bpm adjustments in the DDR realm to compensate, b) fiddle with the time stretching function of Audacity and see if i can make it fit closer to 120 bpm constantly, c) cut out the part that's not 120 bpm even though it's good material, or d) scrap the song altogether.

we shall see.


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 6th, 2004 06:26 pm (UTC)
actually, i shouldn't say on here. if i do end up using the chart, it has to be kept under wraps until the tournament.

and yeah... call me any time. i'm around, trying to keep my life together. :p
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