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||: repetition is reinforcement. :||

you know, so much of my life does not involve standing in line for anything that sometimes standing in line is not merely something that i don't mind doing but is a welcome change of pace.

when i first wrote that about twenty entries ago, i didn't go into detail as to what inspired it.

but yesterday was another experience in the same store where that statement comes to mind, so it deserves a more detailed entry.

the first time i went into the store a week and a half ago, it was in an attempt to see why my phone was having trouble holding a charge. I waited in line for about a half hour to forty-five minutes, and it was a remarkably pleasant experience.

for one thing, i'm not used to waiting in line for such a long time so therefore it gave me the opportunity to let my mind and eyes wander around this new environment i've never been in before. the layout of the store was interesting to me. there were phones everywhere, and directly underneath each phone, there was a small placard that would say something like "i can do text messaging!" or "i snap pictures!" or other things like that. The placards were easily removable (so they could be easily changed), and out of boredom, i took one out to look at it, and i discovered that the placards said the same thing on the other side except in spanish.


so as the line would slowly move up, i'd find another one, take it out, turn it around, and see what the spanish versions of "i play games!" and "i'm a camera!" were. it was a fun little game. i think i deliberately put one back on the spanish side just to spice up the store and see if anyone noticed.

for another thing, the person ahead of me started talking to me, and he was cool. He was there for exactly the same reason as me (down to the same model phone), and he had the same attitude i did of being sympathetic towards the verizon wireless workers who had to deal with disgruntled and impatient customers as opposed to being one of the disgruntled and impatient customers. He rolled his eyes at the person ahead of us who started giving the customer service person a hard time before huffing out, and when it was his turn, he expressed his sympathy to the worker who gave her appreciation. it was awesome. and the customer service rep was pretty cool.

the result of the trip was that i got a replacement phone for free since i was still under warranty, and the worker told me that if that didn't work, it was definitely the battery and not the phone. She said, "come back and then i'll be able to sell you a battery. And it's best to come in before 9am because after 9, we're always swamped like this."

turns out it's the battery. ah well.


so yesterday was the other opportunity i had to go to the verizon wireless store to see about getting a replacement battery. i walked in, and there were a bunch of people in there in two separate lines, but i was prepared to wait. The person who helped me during part one wasn't there. The front rep asked me in the middle of helping someone else, "what can we do for you today?" and i said that i needed a replacement battery. She put me in her line since it looked shorter.

it made me happy that i got put in her line, because boy, she was *incredibly* attractive. not just in the way that she looked (which reminds me of tammi who went to west chester and was in the crossmen color guard), but also in her aura. It was obvious that even though being in such a high volume and stress environment had its difficult moments, she enjoyed being helpful to people. She was very easygoing to the people she was helping, and only changed her aura briefly when one person came in with a puff of overinflated sense of importance, and that was nice too because it made her seem... more *real*, maybe? i just got this sense that she had a good balance between her love of people and her easygoing manner combined with a more fiery spirit that wouldn't take crap from people if she didn't feel she deserved it.

so i started playing the english/spanish placard game, but eventually i found myself just watching her, watching her face, her aura, her mannerisms, and everything else. i think i could have watched her all day.

it's almost a shame what happened next, but that experience was rewarding in itself as well. There was an old couple in line right ahead of me who were going to get helped next. I'd place them in their late 60s, maybe early 70s. At one point, i cracked my neck realy loud, and the woman turned around and spoke to me for the first time with these words: "was that your *neck*?" her husband laughed, and so did i, and i said, "yeah, i store a lot of tension in my neck," and that sparked the occasional exchange of small talk or some reactionary talk based on what was going on in the store.

They were really nice, and just as the customer service rep (whose name was Tracy) was finishing up with the person who was ahead of them, the husband asked me, "you're just here to get a battery?" i said yes, and he said, "why don't you get in line ahead of us?"

i was surprised. i asked, "are you sure?" and started to say something about how it was okay, i could wait, but they wouldn't have any of it. they said, "we're going to take a long time. we're here as new customers to get a new plan. If you're just here to get a battery, i'm sure it'll be quick, and it's no problem for us."


so i got ahead of them and got to interact with Tracy. I told her what my model phone was, she put it into the 'pewter, and got this cute brow furrow on her face. She typed in the battery ID number a few times on her keyboard and after a few minutes she discovered that neither her store nor the other verizon store in Eugene had that battery in stock (which must have been just my bad luck since the guy from part one was able to buy the same battery at the store). She said, "if you want, we can order it for you..." but i was feeling self-conscious about making the old couple wait longer than they had to for a process i could just do myself, so i asked, "i can order the battery myself on the web, right?" and she said yes, so i said, "i'll just do that then." she smiled and apologized that the battery wasn't in stock, and i said in my typical mendel voice, "no, no... it's quite all right", thanked her, thanked the couple, and walked out of the store fairly quickly, suddenly nervous.

if i were in a different mindset, i might consider both adventures a failure since my phone still sucks and loses its charge after one hour of call time. but i think overall i won because i got to meet awesome friendly strangers, i got to play with small double-sided bilingual signs, and i got to look directly at someone who i found attractive for almost thirty minutes straight.

yeah, i think i won.


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May. 31st, 2012 06:38 am (UTC)
This is exactly how I feel today about standing in lines!
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