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Don't get me wrong. playing the home version of DDR Max is cool, but it's still not the same as being able to play DDR Extreme in the arcade. Aside from the fact that the pad and support bar interface is better than the home version, there are just a lot more tunes, a lot more variety to the tunes, and more tunes getting unlocked all of the time.

After my pool class today, i spent roughly two point five hours at the DDR extreme machine, either playing or watching people play, including some frelling *hard* "edits" that Josh, Meredith, and Angelo picked up from the big Two Day DDR competition in Seattle that they went to over the weekend. If i had known about it, i might have gone.

Three new tunes were unlocked, including one called Sakura which is a ten-footer, but it's not actually that bad. I think the only reason it's a ten is because of the tempo changes - it's mostly a 300 bpm tune, but at two points - in the middle and at the end - it does a deaccel to as slow as 14 bpm. It's a ten-footer I can do! Well, i can do Bag too, but not at 1x.

but the big proud moment i had was during a round i was playing with someone, we did Max 300 as our final tune. I still can't do the second half just yet, but for the first time, and being watched by all of those Freaky Good DDR players, I made it to the halfway point - roughly 400 arrows - without missing a one.

It's time to AA that one, baby.


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