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"no up turn"

i forgot to mention this.

i don't know how long ago this happened. maybe two weeks ago. I was driving down fifth street around washington or maybe jackson, and i stopped at a stop sign. On one corner of the road was a sign that designates "no left turn", but one of the screws had been taken out or had collapsed or something in such a way that the sign was turned ninety degrees clockwise, which made it look like it was saying "no up turn" or "don't go up."

it fascinated me and started a long slew of meandering thoughts. did someone do it on purpose, or were they trying to steal the sign and couldn't finish the job? what would it be like to have a "no up turn" sign have to exist for practical traffic purposes in the future where hovercars could exist? maybe it's a subtle way for someone to state their antireligious beliefs (you can't go up to heaven)?

it's like my previous entry about "Yes" or "Other". sometimes it's the simpler things that can be more complex and the simpler things that can lead to more individual creativity and imagination.

but only sometimes. for me it's all about balance. both practically and philosophically i suppose. not too simple, not too complex.


i might have to take out the old hard drive that's in my new computer and put it back into my old computer for a while. i don't really want to deal with the hassle, but i might not have a choice. probably something i'll try to deal with when i get back from kfalls.


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