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programming bread cleaning.

in the "nerd" test that sumner took, one of the questions was "which of the following is not a real progamming language?"

the options were BASIC, C++, FORTRAN, Assembly, PASCAL, and COBOL.

i answered "Assembly" because i think technically the actual term for programming in machine code is "Assembler". But the other possible answer is PASCAL beacuse i think that's the only other one that doesn't belong in all caps, though i'm not quite sure about fortran.

the funny thing is that between my mom, my brother, and me, i think we've all programmed in all of those languages in one form or another. except i don't know about C++. i've never programmed in it, and i don't know if felix has.


the other day i made a conscious decision to actually buy bread. it's the first time that i've actually bought bread in... oh... i don't even know. maybe 3/4 of a year. i made a sandwich for dinner. turkey and swiss. it was a little strange, but overall it rocked.

i kind of want to buy some mayo. i like having mayo on my sandwiches too.


i spent a couple of hours today cleaning. if you looked at my room, you wouldn't be able to tell. partially because i had to tear apart my room some in order to clean, partially because the stuff i was trying to clean was stuff that was already in storage... i was just trying to organize it better.

it was awesome to clean, to start up that process of giving this room even more personality, making it more mine. i still have a long way to go, but i feel better about how it is. i want to make better use of some of the space and some of the shelves, and then i'll be able to store my boxes more successfully.

i've put some thought into reorganizing my closet completely, but i'm not sure if it's really worth the effort. we'll see.


bonus topic: random+ is pretty awesome. And i got another perfect combo today on 14key. that puts my perfect combo count at 7. i was 3 ex points away from a AAA on that song too. i might play it a few more times tonight in order to AAA it. (Love is Orange Light14)

yay. yay, i say. of which. *attempted light laughter*


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