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i'm trying to sell my PDA.

anyone want to buy my PDA? i don't really use it anymore, and i could use the cash.

It's a Sony Clie SJ33. Discontinued model, but it's still a great handheld.

specs and features:

  • color screen. whoo.
  • protective flip-up cover.
  • pretty damn slim.
  • Can store photos, music, and short movies with a memory stick.
  • acts as an MP3 player. has a jog dial that can be used for various functions so you don't have to access the screen to advance tracks, change volume, etc. It has a hold button and a headphone jack.
  • rechargeable battery, and it still has a decent battery life.
  • uses Palm OS. Compatible with Palm Desktop software on PC or Mac (though for the Mac you have to buy the compatible driver from a company called Markspace. It's pretty inexpensive).
  • Comes with a registered version of Bejeweled. That old game. Yeah. Good times.

Included with purchase:

  • the hand-strap thing in case you want to twirl it around a lot
  • charging/USB "cradle" cord
  • A soft case that i cut a small hole out of the back of so that when the alarm goes off while it's in its case the sound doesn't get muffled out.
  • a 32mb memory stick (optional)

The "stylus pen" that came with it is unfortunately broken. But you can get 3-packs of that stuff for pretty cheap at Staples or you can be lazy like me and use your fingernail.


i bought it new a while back for $300. i'm willing to part with it for $150 obo. If you want to have the 32mb memory stick too, throw in another $10.

Shipping/Handling: if you're a local eugenian, no shipping/handling issues. If you're someone far away, we'll call shipping and handling at about $12. If you want insurance, you can ask for it, but i'm a laid back guy... if for some reason the thing gets damaged and doesn't work, i'll refund you in full up to two weeks.


again, if you're a local, easy. i'll accept a check, cash, whatever. If you're far away, i'll accept check, certified check, money order, or Paypal so long as you are paying with a bank account and not a credit card. If you pay with a check, you'll have to wait longer for the check to clear.

email me if you're interested. my email is listed on my profile page.


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Jan. 7th, 2005 12:42 pm (UTC)
I'm interested, but I'll need to look at it later. Busy working now.
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