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nostalgia for kaboom

for any old-school Atari 2600 kaboom experts out there, that guy at eyezmaze made a new game called [Hatch].

it's the same basic idea as kaboom except not as fast and as opposed to catching bombs you're catching up to five different colored objects and your egg thing has to be the right color in order for you to catch it properly.

the interesting thing is that the default keys that were set up for color changing were B T R E A. that configuration confused me and makes me wonder if it was just random or if it has to do with a difference in japanese keyboard layout.

i reconfiged mine to A S D F E. i'm not sure if that's the best way to go. I've played it twice now... the first using B T R E A because i didn't realize i could switch. my score was 124. I reconfiged for the second play, and i improved my score by about five. i'm having a few issues dealing with lag and with judging how far i move with my trackball mouse when it gets really fast, and i start confusing my keys in the last two stages when it gets towards the very end.

i like it better than pelpet. it has a lot of potential to it... i wonder if he's going to make any improvements on it.

edit: just got 143 out of 150. i should have had 144 or 145, but i moved my mouse out of the play area which caused it to stop my little egg thingy.

oddly enough, i got 30/30 on the first stage and 30/30 on the *last* stage, but other scores in the middle. don't ask how i pulled that off. i have no idea. So now i have three fun icons. yay.


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