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i could use some advice.

This is a cross-post to journals: lifeofmendel, randomquestions, ask_muse

There are still some logistics involved, but there's a good chance that I could become the bass drum tech for the Seattle Cascades this summer. Chris, the center snare who is a friend of mine at the U of O, talked to the caption head Jeff Bush about my possible interest, and he said that Jeff was very receptive to the idea. All i need to do is email Jeff this week to start a conversation about it.

The question is whether i should do it or not.


1. Being on tour is, in a sense, a great vacation. There are never any worries - 24 hours a day you either sleep, eat, rehearse, or perform. if you're on staff, drinking usually enters in there too. It's a way to escape from the real world for three months and do nothing except drum.

2. I miss being in the drum corps setting. I miss the activity, and i miss the people. From 1993-1999, summer meant "drum corps" to me, either as a member or a teacher, and in the summers since I've moved out to Oregon, i've felt depressingly out of touch. Last year on the DCI broadcast, i saw one of my old students from the Glassmen say that he was aging out, which was fucking freaky - when i taught him, he was about 16 years old.

3. Okay, i'll admit that i'm a pretty nice guy, but i also have some strong bitterness and grudges associated with DCI. And the selfish part of me wants to go back on tour, teach the bass line how to kick ass, and then be able to go to people like George or Lee and say, "fuck you for being such a fucking cocksucker to me, see what i'm doing now." It wouldn't happen like that - a) i'm not that confrontational, and b) the chances of Cascades getting notice from either of them is slim - but i'd sure be thinking it any time i saw them. Especially George. Don't get me started.

4. I'd get to tour the country again. Granted, finals is in Orlando, which isn't that great of a venue. But still.


1. You don't teach drum corps for profit, and the Seattle Cascades is pretty poor. So my salary would be shitty, and i don't have a lot of reserve cash (although i do have a lot of reserve credit).

2. There are a lot of projects I was planning on doing over the summer - i have a thesis to finish, three marching band shows to write, and an interactive electronic installation to put together. I might be able to borrow my roommate's laptop for the summer which would help a lot, but there are still things i should focus on this summer instead of running off to teach with a corps.

3. While being on tour will put me back in touch with people who i haven't seen in years, it will also put me out of touch with some of my friends and loved ones who i had entertained thoughts of seeing over the summer.

4. I'm pretty sure that if I do decide to tour over the summer, i'm going to join the world of cell phone users, which, for strong reasons financially and philosophically, i wanted to avoid at all costs.



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May. 13th, 2003 02:07 pm (UTC)
How soon would you have to go? How fast could you finish the thesis? If you knew you had to get it done first, you might be able to do it. If you're like most people, you'd leave it until the last moment to do it anyhow, otherwise. You would not be able to work on it on the road, laptop or no! The other projects you might actually get done...
I sympathize over the cellphone issue, I fight over that myself. I think the real reason many people have them is to avoid the sales calls, but now there's the prospect of cellphone spam ahead of us! You could get one of the pay-as-you-go types, if you think this might be a temporary vice/excuse me, need.
Sounds like a good opportunity to do what you really love to do. Try to be somewhat frugal so you don't totally blow your credit doing it, but why not have some fun?
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