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DCI in movie theaters.

thanks sean.

Coming to a theater near you on April 21: DCI’s 2005 Classic Countdown
1/19/2005 -- 9:09 AM CST

Get ready for the ultimate drum corps cinema showdown -- DCI’s 2005 Classic Countdown!

On Thursday, April 21, 2005, the top 12 drum corps shows of all time will be shown at Regal, United Artists or Edwards Cinema near you, in explosive, remastered digital 5.1 surround sound!

But here’s the kicker – YOU, the DCI fan, will vote on DCI.org to choose those top 12 performances! You will pick your favorite three performances from the 1970s, three from the 1980s, three from the 1990s and three from the 2000s.

The voting starts this Saturday, Jan. 22, so stay tuned to DCI.org this weekend to cast your ballot. You can vote only once per e-mail address.

The voting ends on Wednesday, Feb. 23. We'll tally and announce the performing corps on March 1. Performance order of the corps will be shown in reverse order with the highest vote getter appearing last. We'll keep you in suspense until the last corps is shown.

To keep DCI's 2005 Classic Countdown open to all corps from all decades, corps can only appear on the big screen once during the evening. So even if you vote for Star of Indiana seven times, only the highest vote-getting year of Star will be shown.

Tickets for DCI’s 2005 Classic Countdown will cost $12.50, and go on sale on March 1 on movie ticket-ordering Web sites and at your local box office. More information will be available on DCI.org soon. Performance times will vary by location.

Likewise, a list of participating Regal, United Artists and Edwards Cinemas will be posted on DCI.org soon.

Stay tuned to DCI.org for other details as they become available.


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