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contemplation of DCI votes:

1970s -

not that i know a lot about drum corps back then, but of *course* the fucking Bridgemen have to be in there somewhere. i think 1977 Bridgemen is the famous year, but i don't remember. Then we gotta put in some good 27th Lancers, though maybe from the early 80s instead.

1980s -

1987 Santa Clara Vanguard. 1986 Blue Devils. There was a really good Phantom year in there too.

1990s -

1993 Star of Indiana. 1996 Phantom Regiment. 1995 Cavaliers.

2000s -

2003 Cavaliers. 2000 Santa Clara Vanguard. I think there was a Blue Knights year in here i really liked, but that could have been 1999.

the big problem is that most of my growing up had to do with drum corps in the 90s, so there are too many shows i like from that period. watching the 1991 Crossmen is what got me started into drum corps in the first place, and it's always fun to watch Hoss's head bobbing like crazy in that closeup snare shot, and also the one snare that i think missed the direction change. Some of the BK years in there were great. And Carolina Crown's two years of Stormworks or whatever followed by the big Chess show with the big props was good GE even though the horn line was a little... eh.



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Jan. 22nd, 2005 06:33 pm (UTC)
my picks its so hard to pick three a decade so i put a bunch
70's - i would agree, i dont know much, but any of the Blue devils were pretty good, and the 77 bridgemen were quite awesome.

80's - 84 Cadets, started a trend in the marching band/drum corps world of the classic West Side Story. I believe 88 or 89 Santa Clara with Phantom. and 86 Blue Devils was quite a show.

90's - 91 Star of Indiana - simply amazing in my book, then 95/96 Madison, they aad those screamers to die for. Then 96 Blue Devils, gangsta chornicles, and then my all time favorite show is 99 Santa Clara.

2000 - 2000 Cavies - Niagra Falls set it off for me, then 2001 - with four corners and then 2002 with Frameworks. 2003 really didnt do it for me as a complete show, the visual was nice, but the music was lacking in my opinion.

other shows from 2000 - 2003 Blue Devils, 2004 Cavies, 2001 Cadets, 2004 Carolina Crown, 2003 Spirit of JSU had some killer music. 2004 Blue Devils, 2004 Phantom, 2003 Crossmen

2000 has been a great decade so far.
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