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personal notes

for those interested, i'm going to be writing a more detailed "what's been going through my creative process for this wind ensemble piece" later on, but right now i need to write a few things down before i forget.

the initial music i wrote *might* still work if i take the closing arpeggio and "attach" it to the beginning material somehow. I have to play with it some - see if i can develop it the right way in the time i want and still keep the piece a good 7-10 minutes since the middle section being played in my head is shaping up to be a fairly substantial section, and then i want to come back to that material somehow at the end. i don't know what's filling up the spaces yet.

the B F# D E C# A# F# B C# is going to start off as B F# D E C# A F# C# and mutate/transform in the big middle section in a note shift like Shifts and a timbral fashion like Skybound. How to transform that material from the beginning stuff is yet unclear since i don't know how the beginning of the piece is going to go yet, but i still want to hold on to the pastoral chordal idea w/simple melody and perhaps a hint of bitonality... i'm just not sure if it still belongs in the piece.


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