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random recipes and twenty songs.

1: cook way too much jasmine rice in your rice cooker to accomodate for your favorite asian dish - hopefully you made curry or some good mongolian stuff.

2: leave the leftover rice in the cooker or pack it away if you like. bring it out the next day.

3: take a frying pan or wok, oil the bottom, put some of the leftover rice in it and cook it on low heat.

4. add one or two eggs depending on the amount of rice. if you want to make a basic tuna fried rice dish, add tuna, black pepper, maybe a bit of minced garlic, and some cheese right away. Stir well until everything is about even, continue cooking on low heat until it's done. for me it takes about ten minutes.

another thing you can do with leftover rice is boil some water and dissolve a chicken boullion cube or chicken seasoning and then pour a small amount on to the rice as you first start to cook it to make a chicken fried rice sort of flavor. If i were to do that, it's more likely that i'd leave the tuna out because i don't think the flavors would blend well... i'd favor instead getting some canned corn, cooking it separately in a pot, and then adding it to the rice, mixing well. might cut up some green bell peppers and onions and add that to the mix as well.

the moral of the story is that you should always use your rice cooker to cook too much rice as opposed to not enough. simple improvised rice dishes are easy and they can sustain me for the next three or four meals if i do it right.


angelo brought back the whole "put your mp3 player on random and display the first twenty songs" thing. my mp3 player is always on random these days, so i'm starting in the middle of its randomness for this list. if you want to plague my and other people's friends list with this activity, feel free.

  1. July - Michael Torke (Overnight Mail)
  2. After Dinner (Plaid remix) - Coba (Parts in the Post Disc 2)
  3. Orishas IlegÛ - Orishas (A Lo Cubano)
  4. Zeroes and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction) - Jesus Jones (26 Mixes for Cash Disc 1)
  5. Kakumei - i'm a bad composer in that at the moment i don't remember what piano concerto this is lifted from. But maybe that also has to do with the two amaretto sours i've just had. is it rachmoninoff?
  6. Abnegating Cecity - Meshuggah (Contradictions Collapse and None)
  7. Trogdor - Strong Bad (Strong Bad sings and Other Type Hits)
  8. Echo - Mendel Lee (Movement III of "Desert Sculptures")
  9. Ritual - Meshuggah (Contradictions Collapse and None)
  10. Tom08 - from my drum sample library
  11. She Loves Me Not - Faith No More (Album of the Year)
  12. Change of Address: Bank Street - Michael Torke (Overnight Mail)
  13. One Latin (Plaid Remix) - KoolaKing (Parts in the Post Disc 1)
  14. Paralyzed - Front Line Assembly (Hard Wired)
  15. Call The Ambulance - Busta Rhymes (It Ain't Safe No More)
  16. Point to B - Prefuse 73 (Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
  17. Glass/Yage/Vit Dorwning - Future Sound of London (Dead Cities)
  18. RetroVertigo - Mr. Bungle (California)
  19. Eyen - Plaid (Double Figure)
  20. River of Orchids - XTC (Apple Venus Volume 1)


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Feb. 1st, 2005 06:56 am (UTC)
Kakumei is part of the Revolutionary Etude, COmpsed by Chopin
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