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I *thought* that after i turned in my thesis on friday, and after all of my concerts were done, i'd be able to get a break.

Ha! Let's recount, shall we?

Friday night, went out with Mark to shoot pool. Then i went to Kurt and Laura's and hung out until about 1am or so.

Saturday morning, got up at 8am to do set up for the FMO concert starting at 9am. Because of technical difficulties and lots of complex set ups, i don't get out of there until 18:30. I go home, shower, come back by 19:00, help out Burton more on his live clarinet/body synth stuff. Concert is at 20:00, including break down lasts until about 22:30, go out for the traditional food/drink etc. afterwards, get home around 1:00, crash at about 2:00, maybe later.

Sunday morning, get up around 8:00 or maybe 9:00... i don't remember.... so i could practice for my lesson/percussion jury. i get to the school around 9:30 i think, practice for a couple of hours, then do laundry. Come back by 15:00 so i can attend Mike's composition recital. Go home after that to shower and get ready for rehearsal of my piece at 17:30. Set up the electronics for Attica after that, get done at 19:15, come home, quick shower, concert at 20:00, lasts until 21:45, we go out to eat after that to celebrate the last monkey concert of the term. I get home around 0:30.

Monday morning i intend to get up around 7:30 or 8:00, but i get up at 6:00 for no reason and can't fall back asleep. Okay. I'll just go to the school to practice. So i do until about 9:00, have my lesson with Sean (in which i discover just how much i *really* suck as a concert percussionist, but never mind), go to my pool class, play a little DDR. I come home for a bit just to relax, then i go to class at 15:00. Allergies kick in HEAVY. I intend on taking a nap as soon as i get home, but it doesn't quite work out that way. I *do* get a nap in around 20:00 until 21:00.

Erica pages me to let me know that the Perc Ensemble concert is almost over because i've been invited by Charles and Mark and practically everyone to go to the after party (more free food!), so i do. I should have driven myself... I wanted to leave around 0:00, Mark and Brian are still interested in partying, i don't get home until about 1:30.

Tuesday morning i tried to get up around 6:30. Didn't happen. Got up at 7:30 instead. Went in to school to practice, did that until about 10:00. prepped to teach my class at 11:00, taught my class. Then David Ozab came in because i told him he could use some of my studio time to try to rehearse the dissertation with my Mallet part, and everything that could go wrong Goes Wrong. Technical difficulties. I help trying to fix it. end up using almost all of my studio time in order to fix it, but we do run some things. I was just feeling crabby from having to come home so late the previous night.

So around 17:00 i come home. I chat with Kim about some shit that happened with her in NJ, cook some quick food since i haven't really eaten yet that day, then take a nap... from about 19:00 until 21:00. Get up, talk to Brian. Five Willamette kids randomly show up to my door and say hello. Mark comes home, we go out to celebrate Brian's birthday. Get back around 0:45. Talked to Minna briefly, get to sleep around 2:00.

And now it's Wednesday. Got up around 6:50. Going to take a shower, go to school to practice, have my lesson, go to pool, go to Willamette, and *then* maybe i can sleep for a gazillion hours.

and shit. i need to pay bills. *ponders*


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Jun. 4th, 2003 10:18 am (UTC)
bills can wait till tomorrow, sleep and relax this afternoon and enjoy some sunshine
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