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two blackouts


Right when i was leaving Kim a message saying, "yeah call me", our block had a blackout. It's the first blackout i remember occuring in my apartment in all of the time i've been here.

after i called Kim again on Mark's cellphone, i used the light from his phone to find the emergency powered light to light a candle to find a flashlight. The whole process took about eight minutes, and it was only a couple minutes after that when the power came back on.

On the one hand, i could see it as "well, that was a waste of time," but it's a lot more fun to think that the power came back on as a continuation of the process. like, the power wouldn't have come back on if i hadn't done all of that stuff first. i mean, sometimes to get a car started you have to give it a rolling start, right?

silly, i know.


When i was younger i had to fall asleep with music on. Not just any music, though. It had to be something familiar, something i could put in the background because i knew it so well. So radio didn't cut it, and neither did new albums I just got. It wasn't good to put an album on shuffle either. Any kind of noise that would be an unfamiliar sequence would cause me to be more alert and more awake.

After a while i realized that i could track how long it took me to fall asleep by recalling the memory of the last tune i heard before i drifted off into unconsciousness. If i had on, say, Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera, and the last song i remember hearing was "Walk", i know i fell asleep fairly quickly.

Today I had some individual appointments to teach that were spaced out. In between 11:00 and 11:40 i had a break between students. i was catching up on grading papers and I had Restproof Clockwork by Plaid in my CD player. At some point i got tired and decided to take a break, rest my head a bit, and the next thing i know, I hear a door close loudly outside my office and the CD is no longer on the same track it was on before. The wake up was sudden and disorienting, even though i had only fallen asleep for about ten minutes or so.

The thing that popped in my head even as i was still fighting through the disorientation was that it reminded me again of Leonard Shelby. There were a couple of scenes where he would be asleep and something would wake him up, and the first word that that would come to his mind was a command or a declaration to himself from himself, "Awake." And then there would be some confusion because he would have no idea where he was, what he was doing, etc. etc. until he brought out his notes and got himself reacquainted with himself again.

And in a sense that happened to me, except that my memory is perhaps slightly better than Leonard's, and the notes i use to figure out what's going on are in my head, so the process takes a lot less time, but i bet that the process is still the same - the disorientation, the figuring out who you are where you are when you are and so on.

It's a good thing there wasn't a fire or earthquake or something.


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