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dream recollection

john villec just signed on to y!, which made me think of the installation i want to build, which amde me suddenly remember a dream i had last night.

i just walked into a classroom in my high school (even though it didn't look my high schoo i knew it was mine) specifically to see David Montalvo, my old physics teacher. He was in the room even though someone else was teaching... he was just off to the side at his desk or something. He sees me walk in, and has that "i think i know that guy, but i don't remember who he is" kind of look on his face. I smile, shake his hand, sit down next to him, start talking to him. how are you, what's going on, etc. etc. The class is done being taught at this point... i want to say that it's a study hall because there are still students sitting at the desks. Eventually, David must have remembered who i was, because he comments that he still listens to the mix tape i gave to him fairly often.

Eventually i bring up that i need his help with my installation. I describe to him and do a small visual representation of what the [Dimension Beam] (cookie warning) does, and i tell him that I want to build some of my own. Can he help me out?

He looks at it, ponders, and says, "This is what you need to do." He pulls out a big sheet of paper that doesn't fit the area that he's sitting at, looks around the room and says, "here... let's move," as he's standing up. We walk over to a big desk area, and he starts describing to me the basics of what i need to do. Or maybe he did. I woke up at that point.

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