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(05 Feb)


once upon a time, there was an east coaster who moved to the west coast to pursue his masters degree in music composition. He wreaked havoc wherever he went, despite his allergy to furry animals. This is his story.


This journal is in the process of becoming mostly friends-only. All posts that are after February 3rd, 2005 are friends-only. Archival posts of a personal nature before that time will become friends-only. Random harmless posts will remain public just so that the door is still openable for those that are interested in my life and my thoughts.


in may of 2003, i started incorporating my internal vs. [external] link paradigm on my livejournal. Links without brackets are links within the domain of livejournal.com or in certain instances (such as pictures) to my website. [Links with brackets] are links outside of these parameters. If the [link] has potential for offensive cookies (such as doubleclick or webtrends_id), i'll try to post a warning, but since my browser automatically rejects those sorts of cookies, i might miss some.


if you're interested in being a part of my universe, you will most likely be welcome - just be aware of what you're getting yourself into. I am a prolific LJ writer and reader, and while for some people that has proven to be incredibly rewarding, for others it has proven to be somewhat taxing. My LJ and my friends' LJs are a significant part of my daily life.

if i add you, it's because we've had some measure of interaction, and i like what you write and/or how you present yourself. Once i add you, i will remain loyal to you and never take you off unless you ask me to.

if having you on my friends list inspires you to add me to yours, that's cool, but don't feel obligated to do so if you don't want to. expect similar from me.

professional (part two):

over the past few years, i've become a serious DDR, ITG, and IIDX player. It has developed into a ridiculously important part of my life both socially and professionally, especially as it relates to my music pedagogy and music composition. although the competitive bemani scene has pretty much died, i still play at least once or twice a week to try to hone my PA or FA skills and to keep myself in shape. I've also built up a wealthy collection of stepmania edits and take step chart authoring as seriously as i take my professional music compositional career.

My DDR Stats are on my [NNR Profile Page].
My ITG Stats are on my [Groovestats Profile Page].
My step charts and other bemani geekiness are found on my [Personal DDR Page].

and here's a silly graphic of my current 14key statistics courtesy of [VJArmy]:

the bemani community will always be another incredibly important part of my life diet. i'm easily found on the [ddrinfinity], [utahddr], [aaroninjapan], and [vjarmy] forums.


I've also developed a pretty serious obsession with No-Limit Hold 'Em poker and Omaha Hi/Lo 8. I'm trying to train myself to be a better tournament poker player and have a long term goal of using my poker skills to help earn extra income. I play online on pokerroom.com and take advantage of the local scene to play and host casual and tournament poker nights. I doubt i'll ever get tired of it.


I am the maintainer of three LJ communities:

eugenejobposts - devoted to helping LJers in the Eugene/Springfield area become aware of job openings.

klavahole - about the author Steven Brust... Super Genius.

maxpatches - about the object-oriented programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter


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( read spoken (3) — speak )
Aug. 14th, 2005 03:27 pm (UTC)
hey i like the new profile. . . .short (but not too short) and sweet.

Obviously I added you back a little while ago. . . .I hope you are well.

Aug. 14th, 2005 04:12 pm (UTC)
*hugs* to you too.

i still need some more time. but i'm getting there.

i appreciate your email. i'll respond to it eventually.
Aug. 15th, 2005 05:44 pm (UTC)
take whatever time you still need. i understand.

i'm always here, but then again you know that. :)

*more hugs*
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welcome to the lifeofmendel

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