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interview oval...

Questions from my brother grayscalewolf. He asked me to come up with three words that be included in the questions. They were dot, private, and drive.

What's your favorite private part?

If i had to choose, i'd say my nipples. That's if we're talking specifically about *my* private parts. If i had to pick a favorite from a general pool, it's a toss-up between a woman's breasts (preferably small) and her pussy.

How many of them do you want?

my nipples: two are enough for me. I suppose it'd be interesting to have three, but my nipples are sensitive enough as it is... that might cause an overload.

As far as breasts and pussy goes, i'd say that's more up to the female. Whatever makes her comfortable.

I have eight ordinary dice sitting on my desk. I can see three sides of each die, and the number of dots visible on each die is a different number. What's the total number of visible dots?

Wait, what? Oh, i see. the number of *total* dots visible on each die is a different number. God. *grabs some paper*


Why is that the wrong answer?

ummmm..... *looks at scribbling, makes new scribbles*

huh. i'm not sure why. granted, in order for the condition to be met, the number "hidden" on the bottom of four of the dice has to be the same and the number "hidden" on the bottom of the other four dice has to be (fseven minus the number hidden on the bottom of the first set), but that's possible, isn't it? what am i missing?

If you were in charge of the interstate highway system, how would you make the drive between Portland and Eugene less boring?

There are a lot of things about Pennsyvania highways that i don't miss surely, but one thing I do miss is town density. The drive from King of Prussia to West Chester is only thirty minutes on Route 202, but i pass by more towns or boroughs or cities in that span than I do driving the one point five to two hours from Eugene to Portland. Granted, that density contributes to the traffic jams that happen on a daily basis out there that you never get here, but sometimes the monotany of scenery gets to be too much.

I'm sure that i've made the point before, however, that my biggest complaitn about I-5 is how loud it is. I suppose that if i really wanted it to be less "boring", i'd ask that they pave the highway irregularly, so that the quality of road i'm driving on is constantly changing, creating different sounds and pitches. That might get old after a while, but i'd still like it.

What science fiction prediction would you like to see before you die?

i honestly have no idea. I can't conceive of science-fiction that hasn't been created yet. How about a live-action movie centered around the Green Lantern corps?

How old will you be when you're dead?

I try not to think about it. I didn't used to be afraid of death, and now i am, irrationally so. Maybe some day i'll get over it. Regardless of that fear, when I die, i die.

A mysterious package arrives in your mail tomorrow. What's in it?

It'd be neat if a package came to me that I sent to myself ten years ago and forgot that I did it. It's kind of like looking back at old journal entries or looking at old emails and forgetting that i had written them, that i used to feel that way. I'm not sure what i would send myself. And i'm not sure what address i'd send it to. maybe the 'rents place, although who knows if they're still going to be living there after ten years.


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Jun. 18th, 2003 05:43 pm (UTC)
umm.... put them in a single-flie line or stack them and then use a mirror to see the opposite side?


oh. um....*ponders*

i'm not sure. Maybe some of the stuff in Back to tthe Future II, complete with the Ronald Reagan Max Headroom imitator.
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Jun. 18th, 2003 07:25 pm (UTC)
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