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preface: for those that don't have access to my main journal, i decided recently to change from 'friends-only' to 'mostly-friends-only'. I'm planning on writing two entries a month for public display.

i changed my profile to reflect this, and while i was at it, i also updated my interests list slightly. I was pleased that two of them are unique, meaning that i now have sixteen interests that no one else on LJ has.

anyway, this is one of the two for this month. I only have a few days left, which isn't so much a reflection of my procrastinaty nature as much as i just made this decision sometime last week. Not that i'm not a procrastinator, just this month i have an excuse.

speaking of procrastination, this is an excerpt from an email i exchanged with kim today: The quote is her, and the response is me.

"I get mad about this if I think about it too much...how the people in charge of the country are just ignoring how few options we have if one resource we depend on goes away (whatever that resource may be)."

yeah, we're not a very think-ahead sort of country. i feel like we take the lazy-college-student-research=-paper approach to it all. We know that this big paper will take a lot of time to write, but we figure, "i have two months" and then suddenly there's only one week left and we have to pull all-nighters.

tofu fried rice is awesome when seasoned well.

i'm frickin' tired today. and it feels like monday.


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Dec. 27th, 2005 11:50 pm (UTC)

I used to like doing a handful of public entries every now and again. But of course, you already knew that.
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