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more farscape conjectures

Back in the middle of season three i made a bunch of conjectures about future episodes, and the two i made concerning the enemies of the show came true - that Braca would betray Scorpius, and that Scorpius would join forces with the Moya crew.

I suppose that both of those were fairly obvious because of the way they treated it over the large plot arc. There's a similar large plot arc occuring in season four that everyone has to be wondering about - what's the deal with Scorpius?

Scorpius continues to show loyalty to the Moya crew and is slowly earning their trust. We know from a cut-scene in John Quixote that he is on Moya to "protect John Crichton... amongst other things."

In a way, the situation is analagous to what happened with Crais - main enemy converts to good guy that no one trusts and he eventually proves his loyalty by making the key sacrifice enabling the Moya crew to escape.

In another way, however, the situation with Scorpius is much different. While Aeryn learned to trust Crais, none of the rest of the crew ever did. There was always suspicion, particularly in John, that Crais was doing things for his own reasons and he would betray the crew. So he did what no one in the crew expected him to do.

The situation with Braca was also similar to that. Braca was extremely loyal to Scorpius. He made some decisions that made Scorpius very pleased with him. It's no surprise that when the writers go through so much pains to have Scorpius tell him how great he is that he turns around and shoves it in Scorpy's face. He did what Scorpius didn't expect him to do.

In the current season, the Moya crew is learning how to trust Scorpius, and that's what makes me inclined to think that eventually he'll turn around and betray them, because he'll be doing something that no one expects him to do. Well.. sort of.

That's the interesting thing about it. Right now, the writers are purposely making it ambiguous enough that neither answer is obvious. And even if a pattern does develop, Kemper could decide that he wants to be unpredictable about it and go the opposite way.

I'm still pissed that Harvey's dead. Oh well.


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