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On a whim, i decided to rent Akira and watch it again. The last time i watched it was when i was maybe a junior in high school, over ten years ago. I didn't remember much about the movie, but i remember that my opinion of it was something like, "it's okay. a bit too graphically violent for me. the music is great."

This time around, my opinion was vastly different. "The music is good, it's still *almost* too graphically violent, but how cool the movie is makes up for it." I mean, it's a great film, not necessasrily because of plot or character strength or the sci-fi involved, but because of how just how powerful the *mood* of the movie is.

I mean, when i compare character development and overall plot between Akira and, say, Trigun, Armitage, or Now and Then, Here and Now, there's no question in my mind that Akira falls short... not necessarily in a bad way - it's more of an action flick than anything else. But the atmosphere of the movie is well balanced between dark and aggressive and the whole movie has a particular kind of flow that the other series lack - again, not because one is better, but it's just a stylistic choice. It's like the difference between watching the first and second x-men movies. X-2 was the one that was really about the x-men. X-1 wasn't about the x-men, it was about Rogue and Logan, and it just happened to have x-men in it. X-2 was more of an action film and X-1 was more of a character development film.

Which is odd when i think about it, because of the two x-men movies, i liked x-2 a lot better than x-1. But when comparing Akira to Trigun or Now and Then, i like Akira the least because of that lack of character development.

But maybe that's not a reflection of anything significant, because I don't think that the first x-men movie was really crafted that well even in terms of character development.

What a ramble.


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