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interview questions from drinkycrow

Rules are a few posts back. Sorry. feeling lazy today.

These questions came from drinkycrow.

1. What is the least favorite thing about your gender? the opposite gender?
2. Do you have any favorite artists/design studios/illustrators/painters? If so, who?
3. What gives?
4. How selfish are you, and why?
5. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? (you may substitute any other type of vice if you like)

1. What is the least favorite thing about your gender? the opposite gender?

I generally dislike guys feeling the need to thrust for the alpha male position. Individual guys feel the need to be macho or puff up their own importance to make them feel like they're better, or they ignore/dismiss what other people think because it doesn't fit in their conception of the world. I'm also a mild feminist, so i don't really like the general attitude men have over women. Society has come a long way, sure, but those Coors and Miller Lite adverts, the Man Show, and other things like that absolutely disgust me.

as for women, that's tougher. i like females too much to necessarily find a general flaw in their overall character, and even if i do find one, i tend to forgive them more easily than i do male character flaws. if i thought about it hard, i might be able to come up with something, but it would take a lot more effort than i'm willing to spend right now.

2. Do you have any favorite artists/design studios/illustrators/painters? If so, who?

whenever i go to a museum, i usually only spend time in two areas: the twentieth-century area, and the asian art area. That's about all. Most of the other time periods of art aren't that exciting to me. I don't like painting or sculpture or other art to portray realism. I'm more into how art can push the boundaries beyond realism.

Escher, Dali, and Mandrian are easy to pick out for favorites. Phillip Hill is this video artist that I like, though i haven't seen his stuff since the last time i was down at the MOMA. I like Picasso too.

As for other kinds of art, i really like the animation style of certain kinds of cartoons and video games. Akira pops out in my mind, in addition to Trigun. Cowboy Bebop. although it's a bit choppy, the video game .hack has some nifty stuff in it. Final Fantasy X. Parasite Eve II. Eternal Darkness. Stuff like that.

Unfortunately i never got into comic books, and i feel like it's too late in the game for me to get involved in it, and it would be yet another thing i obsess and invest in when i have no money to begin with. *shrug*

3. What gives?

i do. wanna make somethin' of it? huh? *fighting stance, oozing testosterone*

4. How selfish are you, and why?

i describe myself as selfish about my selflessness. And i'm selfless to a fault. it's hard to put into words.

I always think of the other person first. I *push* to think of the other person first, even if they don't want me to. It can get me in trouble. I forget that receiving can be a form of giving, that being selfish can be a form of selflessness. And i forget that sometimes I should be selfish so i can fight for something or someone i believe in. A few times in my relationship history (not necessarily romantic), there have been times when the other person has said, "i don't want to have anything to do with you anymore," and my instinct is to think, "if it truly makes you happy, that's what i want." But that's not always what they want. they want me to fight to keep them, because otherwise it makes it seem like the relationship wasn't worth anything, wasn't worth fighting for.

It's a strange balance that i still have to work hard on. I've lived so much of my life in the "give give give no matter what". give so much of my life, my time, my heart, my possessions. and generally i hate receiving. either receiving things or receiving praise or just receiving attention. I try to focus the attention on other people as much as possible. I have a talent for it, making people talk, making people seem important. And it smoothly makes them forget that they might have been asking about me.

my dislike of receiving is one of the reasons why i don't tell people my birthday, and one of the reasons i dislike christmas. i'm working on accepting the fact that sometimes people want to give to me, and i should let them, but it's still pretty difficult for me. This year on my birthday, i didn't mind receiving things from people outside of Oregon, but there was a Danger that some people in Oregon were going to find out about my brithday, and it made me tense.

That tangented a bit, but oh well.

5. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? (you may substitute any other type of vice if you like)

Anything with liquor. Liquor is a wonderful thing. name it, i like it. even tequilla, so long as it's the good stuff.

Most often these days i drink cape cods. i also regularly drink alabama slammers, amaretto sours, midori sours, and sometimes long islands or AMFs. yager is a wonderful wonderful shot. people think i'm crazy, think it tastes like cough syrup, but i love it. And then there's sake. sake is wonderful wonderful stuff.

I prefer liquor over beer, but i don't hate beer as much as i used to. I just like good beer. i drink a lot of dark beer. guiness, even though that's not *that* dark compared to some of the local brews around here. My favorite beer to get at a bar is a black and tan. guiness/harp, guiness/bass or guiness/mirror pond when they don't have those on tap. In the bottle, i like Black Butte Porter (local), Bridgeport ale (Portland), and i miss Yeungling *so* much. I'm not a fan of IPAs, and i will never ever let my lips touch miller, budweiser, or other cheapies. Coors Light is the only light beer i can really stomach.

A great alcoholic drink is heavenly to me. Not for the buzz, but the taste. i love the taste of liquor more than almost any other kind of beverage. It's makes it almost seem a shame that i have too much self-control to let myself get drunk too often, but i don't see it that way. I usually drink the first one or two drinks fast, but after that, i like to drink slowly to savor the taste as long as possible.


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Jun. 30th, 2003 10:17 pm (UTC)
i'd like to be interviewed. i need a good ego-masturbatory session.

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