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D2SSR - T minus four days!

this is a cross post from itgfreak.

hey all,

If there are any other logisitilcal issues that needs to be known concerning D2SSR, please address them. Note the following:

the guest list has been updated to reflect some housing stuff


Note that TBD (to be determined) means that i know that you need a place to stay but we haven't worked out where yet (i'm not too worried), whereas unknown means i don't know at all if you need a place to stay. If you have yet to reply to the thread about logistics or if anything has changed, please do so here:


or on my LJ thread from about 10-15 entries ago.

also a few other logistic reminders:

a) we are going to be handing out CDs with our material after the tournament. We can't charge for it beacuse of copyrighted material, but the CDs and the resources to burn is something we're pretty much doing out of our own pocket/generosity, so a $2 donation would be appreciated.

b) for the people that are staying and also for the tournament times, please be respectful of space that does not belong to you, especially considering that it's a house that belongs to tyler's dad who will be present and has been very gracious to let us use the house for the purposes of the tournaments. Respect any rules and common sense sort of things mandated by him or the tournament organizers.

c) there are going to be a lot of cars showing up to Tyler's place. Because of the rain factor, do *not* park in the grass. There are two main areas you can park and then you can park along the gravel driveway path. The main parking areas should be pretty obvious.

d) if you're a local, it might help if you could bring your own chair. At current we have about 20 - we may need more.

e) for those staying overnight anywhere, bring your own gear.

If there's anything else i can think of, i'll post it separately when i have more time.


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May. 24th, 2006 12:44 am (UTC)
Amber, James, and Justin are staying at my house on Saturday night.

Sumner can probably stay thursday (Senior skip day is friday so I'm not going to school haha), but he can't stay friday because of the bar mitzphah i'm going to like I had said :O Bur yeah, theres a little bit of info :D

May. 24th, 2006 03:06 am (UTC)
cool, thx.
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