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june pub entry #2: alternote notes

characters so far:

Sam - friend who i met once for breakfast, used to be close friends more, but schedules conflicted. May introduce her more into the picture now that it's summer, but maybe just online/phone since a part of me wants to take her home away from eugene.

Dave - band mate. wants the band to go places. hardcore, tries to instill the hardcoreness into everyone else in the band, but i'm just doing it mainly for fun and causal gigging/money.

Jack - band mate who is into it more than me, but is sympathetic. best friend, maybe.

John - bandmate and flatmate. a slob, and i'm not.

Carl - boss at work where i'm a waiter. screwed me over for more summer hours because he's hired a new person who starts on thursday.

unnamed female character - the person that starts working on thursday. Trying to come up with a good name for her. I was thinking of stealing "Lynda with a Y" from the character at the end of Doctor Who Season One, but i don't know. I want something like that. An ordinary sort of name but something that she can make into something that's just hers.

Paul - father. i'm not on speaking terms with him, and i call him "Paul".

Robert - in one of the entries i call out to him to "call me back". This implies that a) he reads my LJ, and b) he's a friend or maybe a classmate. i don't know what his sotry is yet at all or why i wanted him to call me back.



- Either tonight or tomorrow night i need to write the entry about the unnamed female character coming in to talk to Carl before officially working. Maybe to fill out paperwork. This could also be the thing more than summer that starts churning more regular use of the LJ. The meeting should involve the final introduction of my character's name and create a connection because the female character decides right then that she's going to call me "Peter" unlike everyone else who calls me "Jackson".

It's kind of a shame because I wanted to establish more of my ordinary life before introducing this character, but months have gone by without me having much of a chance tou update the blog, and the idea of her being introduced into his life as a conflict because she's indirectly responsible for him not getting mroe summer hours was *way* too good of an opportunity to pass up.

- i need to make a decision as to exactly how health conscious this guy is in terms of consumption. He likes to be active and work out, but maybe that's for the sake of doing that, for hwo it feels rather than it being an actual "health" thing, so maybe he cares about what he eats to some small degree but not so much that he's counting carbs or calories or anything like that.

- future plans to get a second job which disrupts the band schedule and maybe alienates me from Dave and John, even more so because i don't like the fact that i'm living with a slob and might want to move out when the lease ends in August. I haven't touched on this too much even though with the personality that I've made myself it seems like it would bother me a lot mroe and i might bitch about it more, but i'm very irregular with the blog. I've explained that away somewhat with being too busy because school kicked my ass. The other part of that is that i'm not really the type to be on the computer on a super regular basis, and i haven't touched on the LJ world enough to make it a regular habit. I'm making him out to also not be the type to check his email on a super regular basis either, but that might change too. The need for a second job might prompt me to leave the band.

that's good for now.


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Jun. 22nd, 2006 03:35 am (UTC)
I hear Emily is a pretty popular female name these days....it even has a variety of alternate spellings! :P
Jun. 22nd, 2006 05:04 am (UTC)
heh. we'll see. emily isn't a bad choice, but it's not quite what i want either.
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