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happy something or other.

for those of you who may not know, the actual date of my birth is a well-kept secret.

the main reason for this is highly philosophical that goes way beyond the "i don't like having attention drawn to myself" (and incidentally has nothing to do with the "i'm getting old" sort of mentality). If you're really interested in what it's all about, you can ask.

Recently, this was posted on the LJ news community. Beause i'm really into the way that LJ runs its business, i like helping contribute to their goals and to their philosophy, so it would be nice if they could pick up accurate age data from me. I don't know if just putting in my year of birth will give them the data that they need - it's possible that because it's incomplete, a search query would reject it as invalid.

Putting up my real birthday is completely out of the question, but the idea of putting up 1/1 or 2/2 or something else that is similarly completely arbitrary doesn't fit well with me either. Hiding my birthday is an okay but not preferred option because I do like people to know the year i was born.

So i decided to come up with some sort of logical process based on my real birthday to come up with a fake birthday. It's a two-step process (Give me a Sign!... err. never mind) that I loosely describe as "flip and inverse" that I executed two and a half times. I decided to stop at two and a half times because the resultant birthday that leaves me with is [Pi Day] which is way cooler than my actual birthday anyway.

This has now been updated on my profile page, both in the context of the actual birthday and a small preface on my bio that points to this post.

For those of you that want to try to figure it out (even if you're one of the few that actually knows my birthday), you're welcome to. I'm not planning on giving out any hints other than what's already stated. To be fair, i'll verify both correct and incorrect guesses. Comments that deal with guesses will be screened and will remain screened forever more because i'm picky like that.

Birthday wishes and presents and such on this fake birthday will be considered invalid by me because i suck and am stubborn like that. neener neener!


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