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on the road again/math memories/verbifying

i'm taking a small vacation/road trip for a little over a week. I won't be without internet, but i won't be internetting as often as i normally do. *sob* internet, how much i'll miss thee....


One of the categories of "memories" i've made is labeled [(entry #) mod 20 = 0]. In layman's terms, i've turned every twentieth entry into a memory. It occurred to me the other day the potential restriction this puts on my journal... i'm not planning on deleting any entries, but what if i wanted to? If i wanted to, say, delete my twenty-ninth entry, none of my memories after the first one would fit in that category anymore. It'd be a major pain for me to un-memory all of my current entries and then re-memory the correct ones. And the more entries i write, the harder that task would be.

It reminds me of writing myself into a corner. Well, not exactly. Maybe.... it reminds me of writing serial music. Finding a good tone row to stick with for an entire piece is a compositional restriction that could potentially backfire. Rigid structure *can* create something beautiful and emotional, but it can also create something cold and unfeeling if you don't let yourself break the rules every now and again.

Okay. Maybe it doesn't remind me of that either.


I've recently been starting this habit of verbifying words that have no business being verbs. It's happened three times in this post already. I don't think the words internet, memory, and verb are meant to be verbified, but when I do things like that, people generally understand what i'm talking about, so the fact that they aren't real words doesn't matter that much, right?

It'd be different if i was trying to verbify a word like "hamburger." What does it mean to "hamburger" something? But i don't use it in that context. Or at least in *my* mind i don't.

[more.... more better...]


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