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an actual event-based entry.

My access to internet is somewhat limited... i might get a chance to check once a day, but i may only get the opportunity to check once every few days. It also means that i won't be able to read up on friends' posts on a regular basis (boo). Sorry guys.

I think that the biggest thing that happened to me on my drive out here was that when i stayed overnight in Ontario, OR, my license plates got stolen out of the motel parking lot. Both the maintenance guy and receptionist said it's the first time they've had issues in the time they've worked there. Not sure if i believe them, but it doesn't matter. Nice people either way.

I reported it to the police, a guy came around and said that the only way i could do is wait until Monday for the DMV to open so i can get a temporary permit to travel. After asking him and a few other people like Mark for advice, i ended up at the police station with the nice police officer trying to get a hold of DMV overnight so they could fax me a permit so i could travel. He was on hold for a long time, and eventually when they got back to him, they said it wasn't possible, not even for emergencies.

So the cop said, chances are, driving without any plates is going to get you pulled over, but here's a copy of the case file and my card explaining that you were a victim and that you had somewhere you needed to go. When they stop you, show this to them and chances are it'll be okay.

So i drove. And i *saw* three cops, but not once was i pulled over.

On the one hand, i'm relieved because... well... i had a small stash of marijuana that I was bringing along stashed in the trunk, and it would have been bad if they found it. On the other hand, it makes me wonder about the efficiency of the police system. How many stolen vehicles or illegal vehicles are out there, and how easy is it for the cops to pass them by?

Okay. I'm eating enough of Adam's computer, so this is done.


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Jul. 18th, 2003 11:40 am (UTC)
My ex had his licence plate stolen off of his car at the first appartment complex we lived in. He called the police and they didn't even bother coming out. Just pretty much told him there was nothing they could do and to go get other plates.

Needless to say we moved from that neighborhood/city not too long after that.
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