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vacation from vacation

I've been back in town for a couple of days, but mentally i've been in a strange combination of a recouperating/workaholic kind of state. The workaholic part comes from the high motivation i've had lately for my music - I spent almost all of my spare time out of town finishing my Disklavier piece and sketching Willamette's marching band show. Yesterday i worked on the Willamette show for maybe six hours, translating my sketchwork onto the computer. I'm itching to get it done, not so i can relax, but so i can devote more time to three other projects i want to finish and/or start.

The recouperating process has more to do with the social part of my life. Slowly i've been communicating with people again, both on-line and off-line, but i've been taking it a little bit at a time. People are so important to me almost to a fault, and it takes a great deal of energy for me to get myself involved in other peoples' lives again. Obviously it depends on the individual/group that i'm getting back in contact with.

LJ is another thing i've been gradually putting back into the routine, though mostly it's just been putting random comments in a few isolated journals. I suppose any other person would use their LJ to talk about their trip in detail, but for some reason i don't have the urge to do that. Aside from the car trauma i already described, nothing sticks out to me as being important to write about or something i feel like writing about in a public journal.

There are, however, two things i will say that resulted from the trip.

First, it's now true that in the past two weeks i haven't played any pool, and i've only played DDR maybe once or twice. I'm itching to do both again and put those back into my general routine. Today would be a great pool day (free pool at the Highlands on Wednesdays), but i'd need to find someone to go with. maybe i can persuade either tyson or brian after we have our marching band meeting.

Second, the week i was out of town, i got four emails from people i haven't heard from in four years or more. Hannah emailed me, and on a whim i decided to email her back. Devon was looking through his old address book and decided to see how many email addresses were still current, and as a result, Micah emailed me also. And Larry Cauley emailed me to ask what was going on in my life.

Lately i've been feeling that some kind of Force has been trying to (look out... another verbification) re-east coast my personality. i don't have a great handle on whether i feel more settled on the west coast or the east coast, or if the location is even the real issue. My gut reaction to that is to deliberately choose a doctorate program that's on neither coast but is stuck in the middle of the country. Convenient that all of the places i've been looking at fall into that category.


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