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constant day versus constant week.

first off, let me say that there was something i was going to write about that was going to be a one or two line statement or commentary or something about somesuch and i completely forget what it is. maybe it'll come back to me.


earlier today i started thinking about holidays, about how there are a bunch of US holidays that go for the "constant day of the week" as opposed to "constant day of the calendar year."

i don't know a whole lot about the history of this idea, but it seems to me that the idea of having a holiday on a constant day of the week versus constant day has everything to do with the US desire to have long weekends as opposed to having a holiday broken up in the middle of the week. They don't want to go into work or go into school on monday, have a holiday on tuesday, then come back on wednesday.

i don't have any issues with this from a practical standpoint at all, but there's a part of me that doesn't know what to make of it from a purely mendel-philosophical perspective because it seems that both ideas could equally fulfill my need for some degree of chaos/lack of organization in my life.

On first instinct, it seems that the idea of having a holiday on a different day each year fulfills my desire for lack of consistency in my life because i can't say, "oh yeah. Easter falls on April 7the every year." I have no idea when easter is any given year - it usually sneaks up on me two or three weeks before it happens, and even around that time when i do acknowledge that it's coming soon, i never really get a firm grasp of when it actually is supposed to happen until maybe a week or two it happens. which makes it far more interesting than Christmas or New Years which falls on a constant day. I bet most domesticated animals in the US would have a pavlovian response when anyone says "December 25th".

But the problem with prescribing to that paradigm of "chaos" as it relates to how we celebrate holidays is that people don't generally think of their individual lives (i'm ignoring any sort of business world that thinks in terms of fiscal quarters and years and such) in terms of the "day in the calendar year" sort of scale. I don't know what i'm doing this christmas or next christmas or next easter or this new year's or anything like that. But i *do* have a vague idea of what's going to be happening this week or next week or maybe early next month or something like that.

It seems that people order their lives using the calendar year as a large-scale reference but the calendar week and month as actual Foundations. As a result of this, my instinctual feeling about holidays is that i wish they all *did* fall on a constant calendar year day so that we have some holidays that fall on wednesday, tuesday, etc. That we can break up the idea of holdiays always falling on either a friday or monday or connecting the weekend.

When i think about that, i wonder what would happen to people psychologically? Would people place less emphasis on the whole "Thank god it's friday" sort of mentality? I suppose that would only happen if there were more US holidays to help make it seem more normal as opposed to exceptional. Maybe we should learn from europe and have more holdiays in the calendar year for normal working folk. But the US would never do that because it would cut on profit, which speaks the most in this cutthroat competitive environment we've created for ourselves in the past few decades or more.

that's life, i suppose.


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