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it's been a while since i've done a survey.

and this one is pretty different than the norm. i found it at random from etherealqueen.

1. True or False: you at least make an effort to have three square meals a day.
False. Especially recently. My stomach has been acting weird. haven't been that hungry.

2. You prefer A) cooking B) being the one who is cooked for.
A. Being cooked for is nice, but cooking, even simple cooking, is incredibly theraputic for me.

3. True or False: you have eaten things that were inedible. If true, tell us about it.
hm. honestly not sure.

4. What is the oddest thing you have ever eaten that actually IS a food?
what constitutes odd? some people think sushi is odd. not a lot of people know about mochi. does that stuff count?

5. Really good food is A) cheap and generic B) erotic C) too expensive to be worth it. Choose only one!
i don't like these options. I'll say B even though not in the way the question is meant. To me, tasting really good food is orgasmic. When the flavor causes me to close my eyes because i can't keep them open due to pleasure.

6. When is the last time you threw up, and why?
I haven't thrown up since i was a little kid. i don't remember what the sensation feels like anymore.

7. Your favorite beverage on a hot day?
water. a black and tan beer. [real fruit smoothies because we won the game].

8. Your favorite beverage on a cold day?
hot chocolate. herbal tea.

9. After a long and stressful day/night, you like a meal/snack of...
fruit. annie's pasta with tuna. ham and cheese. snicker's crunchier. curry.

10. True of False: food is still good after being on the floor for only 5 seconds.
depends on the floor.

11. The beach is A) an awesome way to spend a sunny day with a large group of friends B) a nice place to be alone C) only for skinny people.
B. or with one or two people. Sometimes i like to go with a group.

12. The ocean makes you feel:

13. Describe your swimwear.
simple trunks will do.

14. When is the last time you went swimming?

15. What is your fondest beach memory?
Wildwood, NJ, associated with the winter percussion lines i taught. Those were always good times.

16. You would most like to live in A)a Zen monastery B) a posh English Mansion C) a Persian palace (complete with harem) D) an igloo E) a Hawaiian beach hut.
I adapt pretty well to environment. I'd probably be able to live in any of these places.

17. Use three words to describe your decorating style:
umm.... err........ uhh.....

18. Your method of cleaning is A) an all out extravaganza every spring B) a daily organization C) stuffing everything into the closet and under the bed right before you have company.
It's been A and C, but i've been slowly trying to switch over to B. It's hard when my roommate is a C.

19. Roughing it is A) only fun to watch on Survivor B) fun once or twice a summer with friends C) an ideal permanent summer arrangement.
B, i suppose.

20. Use three words to describe your perfect mate:
understanding. tolerant. musical.

21. Your song would be:
no clue. it depends on the person.

22. Your favorite place for a date:
a place with good food. not necessarily an expensive restaurant or anything... even some hole in the wall place that serves outstanding food, like Las Brassas or that Pho place downtown.

23. Your perfect honeymoon/vacation:
ask me when it'ss important.

24. If you are currently single, do you have your eye on someone?
i'm in an ambiguous stage of relationships right now. But regardless of whether i'm single or not, i usually have crushes too. i just like women.

25. If you are taken, name one thing you would change about your partner. If single, name one thing you would change about your ex.
As a general rule i like people. All kinds of people. I've had a history of partners who generally don't like people, get impatient with people. It'd be nice to have a partner that enjoyed, say, random conversations with strangers like i do.

26. What are your top 3 favorite physical aspects of your current, or ex, partner?
hair, face, breasts.

27. What did you do, and what did you receive, on your last birthday from your current or ex partner?
this is actually a damned good question. I do my best to make my birthday pass by as unnoticed as possible. I actually don't remember a whole lot from my birthday this year, and i get presents from my birthday confused with presents from christmas even though they're not that close together. i have an incredibly poor memory.

28. If you were with you current/ex partner right now, what would you be doing?
yeah, probably making out.

29. You fantasize about:
i don't usually fantasize about people that i've actually hooked up with... i only fantasize about people i haven't.

30. You prefer toilet paper to roll from A) the top or B) the bottom.
doesn't matter to me.

31. You brush your teeth A) side to side B) up and down C) using circular motion.
i do a little of all of the above.

32. What do you shave, if at all?
The only thing i really have to do is trim my whiskers every now and again. I'm asian. don't get a lot of facial hair.

33. You bathe A) at night B) in the morning.
it depends. usually in the morning.

35. If you were stranded on Gilligan's Island and they finally ran out of coconuts and fish, who would you eat first?
the skipper. he was the most annoying character on the show, "little buddy." if you want to think about it more from a sexual standpoint, mary ann over ginger.

36. Who would you rather have do your dentistry? A)The Three Stooges B) Charles Manson C) a blind man from a third world country.
umm.... okay....

37. Who would you most like to see be gored by a herd of rampant bulls? A) Oprah B) Rosie O'Donnell C) Martha Stewart D) Dubya E) a member of your own family
all of those work except for E.

38. You suck the lollipop/candy till it's gone, or you bite first?
i tend to bite. out of habit.

39. Your favorite ride at the fair?
Bumper cars.

40. Use three words to describe how you feel about your rear end:
invisible without mirror.

41. Should guns be banned (I had to throw at least ONE serious question in)?
there's no easy answer to this.

42. Three words to describe how you are feeling right now:
tired, depressed, restless.

43. Your idea of heaven would be:
"where were you when they decided that heaven should be more of an abstract kind of idea?"

44. This survey was:
different. not bad. wonder who wrote it.


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Jul. 26th, 2003 02:45 pm (UTC)
This was actually pretty amusing. And wouldn't you know it, we have the same decorating style. ;)
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